11 June 2012

Lady Jersey & the 315


Women at War-it is a topic that I've taken an interest in recently, especially the women of World War I & II. One that has come to my attention through a reader, how lucky- is Lady Jersey, Countess of Richmond.

Some silent movie buffs- may know this stunning blonde as Chaplin's romantic interest- a blind flower seller-in City Lights. Born Dollie Virginia Cherrill, Chaplin discovered her, launching her film career.  Cherrill's character imagines Chaplin's Little Tramp to be a wealthy Duke.
From there- a proposal from the Maharaja of Jaipur.

Settling down, Virginia was briefly married to actor Cary Grant before finding -not a Duke-but an Earl.

Upon her marriage to George Francis Child-Villiers, 9th Earl of the Island of Jersey, she succeeded to the title-Countess of the Island of Jersey.


Lady Jersey embraced her adopted country with great style. No more so than her dedication to the war effort. She became known as "Mother" to a squadron of Polish airmen during World War II. Squadron 315 doted on Lady Jersey & she-them. They dedicated a Spitfire to her & a good luck token of her stockings was on board during the squadron's flights. Her wartime home Old Palace was set up as a weekend haven for her pilots.

The dashing Lady met a dashing Polish pilot, Florian Martini-and after the war- left her title behind
flew off into the wild blue yonder, headed for the States, settled in California & lived happily ever after-
just like in the movies.

most of the images of Lady Jersey were graciously provided by a kind reader.



  1. How different times were...

    Thank you to you and your generous reader.

  2. Gaye, your topics are always so diverse. This one is especially interesting. I wonder if you saw my last missive...that I came across the Vanity Fair excerpt from a new book about the young Queen Elizabeth? That book should be coming out shortly if it's not already in the stands. I think it will be a good summer read. Shiree'

  3. This goes down as one of your extraordinary postings. Brilliant.



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