12 June 2012


when it excites

take a Look at how Emily Summers did it at her retreat published in Architectural Digest here

Summers serves it up like the sultry Kim Novak- with neutrals, and a soupçon of  golden yellow.

the late & ultimate Classic-with class- Chessy Rayner swathed  WHITE throughout her Saint Martin retreat.

& Equally At Home with WHITE in the city.

without a doubt-
one of the best ways to wear  WHITE- yards and yards of skirt in the Classic shirtwaist worn by actress Leelee Sobieski and designed by Raf Simons at Jill Sander.


another designer that takes WHITE seriously- Miles Redd. 
how did Redd do WHITE?
apparently impeccable grammar was stressed with Mr. Redd at an early age. 
He punctuates-punctuates-(period)
with Red.
&-with nature.

scenes from Miles Redd's work in White from Vogue magazine

sometimes WHITE that just means adding Chanel's Dragon Rouge Alluer Laque.

at times WHITE is Maddening-in the hands of the likes of genius David Hicks.

& sometimes it is Pure Genius.

 Comme des Garcons- at the Musee Galliera

 the promise of a place in the shade-

  Sir John Lavery, The Red Fan

& a path of purifying Snow in WINTER.

final image from the Times Travel Magazine.



  1. thank-you for swathing me in white. fresh white. love it accentuated with a pop of gold, yellow, black or red-
    that white shirtwaist is dreamy~

  2. You do white so well...Emily and LeeLee are my favs. This post is filled with inspiration. Thank you... :)

  3. We chose white for our living room walls - a straight-out-of-the-can white from BM and though I still think the walls need more visual weight the color does satisfy. It is not one those whites that turn greenish as the sun westers (as did the previous color) but becomes lilac-grey in the shadows as evening draws in or early in the morning when the sun is rising. Our bedroom, too, is white - Farrow and Ball's Cornforth White - an "old" white that actually is grey. If one looks at white from a historical perspective one can see how white as we know it is purely a 20th century invention. Intense whites are modern and very tricky to use well.

    Good post for the early morning over coffee.

  4. A LA classic. I love this dreamy white with pops of Redd. And, the Raf shirtwaist ~ I LOVE and would replace each sleeve with an Hermes scarf - billowing with cuff; a touch in the collar, too. Fabulous, Gaye. ox

  5. So beautiful!! I love it pure or punctuated!!

  6. Love it especially that wonderful red painting on white back round. Clean and classic!

  7. Love white, love your post. In fashion, it is sometimes said that the "little black dress" is indispensable. For me, I would say that for men it is the classic dress shirt. White, of course.

  8. Thank you sooooo much--super post!

  9. Gaye, once again you have outdone yourself A fabulously imaginative and wonderful post. Where on earth do you find these things ?!

  10. I am as late as a (white) plate to this post, which is beautiful. Not often you can say that a blog post is such. I especially love your words about red punctuation. PP



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