09 August 2012


never far from mine design mind, nor should it be from yours, SISTER.

I do read lots,
& lots of books. I do read books again-
& again. One I am reading at the moment I devoured in 2000
& now in it's about to be released in paperback SISTER PARISH, The Life of the Legendary American Interior Designer.

Did she have another name?
Yes, but None so noted and used as SISTER, (it's all in the book), & perhaps it is SISTER who was the most noted interior designer of her day.
Her work has staying power-today.

 One of the many incarnations of Sister Parish's New York apartment, my favorite I think.
Any glossy today would die to get this on it pages-perfectly of the moment, yet timeless, SISTER's touch.

Words like, Classic, Traditional, American, Tasteful-ah-that's a word that needs to be reinstated into today's design lexicon and this new edition should go far to put SISTER & Taste back.

by Aaron Shikler

I'm not one for re-reading the mystery novels I clip through-or the thrillers-but the Classics, Yes.
This is a Classic- SISTER herself, the book, the decorating-all of it.Written by Apple Parish Bartlett (boy did Apple chose her husband well) and Apple's daughter and principal at Sister Parish Design, Susan Bartlett Crater, the book is the full story of Sister's life of privilege and her ascendance.

Though I have the 1st edition-the new book's cover alone is worth the buy. It's illustrated by Mita Corsini Bland and jauntily captures the best pieces from Sister's repertoire of  much loved and well placed objet d'art & furniture.

fortunately I received an advanced copy of the book, and recommend it, Highly, regardless. you can get yours at Vendome or your favorite bookseller starting in September. there is an excerpt from the book at Vendome so you can take a peek.


Vendome here
Mita Corsini Bland here
do a warm up at the Devoted Classicist on Sister Parish here 

Sister Parish Design here
& Zetta's next collar here at Sister's online shop- how could any dog resist Burmese blue? 
not to mention the Sister dustpan, come on! dustpans for everyone this Christmas!



  1. .. I loved this book .. just LOVED it. What a great paperback cover. And what a life she had! Thanks

    1. Karen, ME 2. well worth the read. thanks for coming by. pgt

  2. Thanks for the reference to my blog, Gaye. The pelmet on the cover of the book is a nod to the painted wood ones she had in the Garden Room of her last apartment. The tassels were carved wood and the "fringe" was wood dowels.
    __The Devoted Classicist

    1. John, you are so welcome-I love reading your Sister Parish posts. Thank you for referencing the Corsini Bland illustration! pgt

  3. Thanks, I'll definitely look for this.

  4. I am not familiar with Sister Parish. "GASP!" Yes, I heard you Gaye!
    Thanks again for teaching me.

    1. oh Emily!! gasp--- Well get thee to a book seller ASAP! PGT

  5. I love your recommendations on books on style. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Even I, a mere reader, acquired this book in "real time" as a kind of stopgap for the loss of conversations with practicing designers, for reasons The Blue Remembered Hills™ has chronicled in epidemiology and which were inevitable in leaving San Francisco for the Piedmont in the late 90s. Everyone referred to her and deferred to her, and so what she was, for many "of us" of that generation, is not only an ultimate arbiter on a matter of design but a bottomless wellspring to many tributaries of practicing relationships. I do not know if the book is good because I am not in the field. I can say it is essential.

  7. I will be getting this book...and loved discovering Mita Corsini Bland's illustrations!



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