13 August 2012


on the eyes. 

Vladimir Kagan’s Erica chaise in Madeline Weinrib's lavender Edgerton Jacquard

At the moment, Sebastian & Barquet’s Southampton gallery is exhibiting Madeline Weinrib's collaborations with the finest mid-century furniture designers.

Madeline Weinrib makes it look Easy-but there is an Art to such a marriage as this. Her often exotic textiles-and the sinuous lines of a sculpted piece like Kagan's chaise are paired right on the edge-a fine line.
In this case it's the perfect line-the perfect marriage.

Madeline is an Artist-in the truest sense of the word, but while visiting Madeline in her studio last fall, I observed an editor along with her artistry. It shows. Madeline said “I wanted to pay tribute to the original designs,while simultaneously introducing them to the viewer in a way they’ve never experienced the pieces before.”

Edgerton jacquard caught my eye on that visit to the studio. Its soft hand- its color (of course) - its border-seen winding  around the edge of the Erica chaise.

while I saw the Edgerton jacquard with Ease here-

Madame Récamier, Jacques David

my vision pales in comparison.

see what I mean.

While lovely, its not Erica.

If you're there.
Sebastian & Barquet



  1. Neoclassical recamiers--my passion. The marriage of Madeline W. and Vladimir Kagan is magnificent. thank you. Mary

  2. Honestly; You are the only one who makes poetry of our furniture and accoutrements..

    Thank you!

    I was a "literature" major ;"on purpose" knowing I wanted to be a decorator. Then I had a hard time explaining! (then I read you; and then I met you!" Now I can explain it! Thank you!!!

    Now I just quote YOU!

    It means a lot!

    Bravo and thank you!

  3. I agree. There is art here. I rarely say "divine" in this context, but the Erica chaise looks divine. Curtis



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