14 August 2012

at Thomas Jayne, House of Details

This week I am writing a post for Thomas Jayne, designer and author, at his blog Decoration-Ancient and Modern. His House of Details series examines a noteworthy house in depth. I'm delighted to feature a pristine historic home just a hop-skip- and a jump away from me called AYR MOUNT.

I've mentioned the house before-and it was easy to select this incredible house when asked to contribute a guest post at Decoration-Ancient and Modern.

photograph of the front porch at Ayr Mount

the post is here
Thomas has a new book out in the fall. His book, The Finest Rooms in America-is just one of the best written in recent years. Long overdue, it is a book that celebrates the most beautiful-the most opulent, the most elegant-and the most timeless rooms in the country.

Combining history & design-what could be better?
Nothing-as far as I'm concerned.
In fact-the book was another reason for my choice of AYR MOUNT. If you don't already have a copy-get one, then you'll be caught up with American Decoration coming in the fall.

All the details are at Thomas' blog-here
the Classical American Homes Preservation site here
the Jayne Design Studio site here


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  1. have long admired Mr. Jenrette and his passion...Adventures with Old Houses is one of my most treasured books. I can now add Mr. Jayne's book to my collection, what a combo! Thank you for sharing his blog...was not aware of it, looking forward to exploring his posts



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