19 August 2012

Vertes Children

you didn't know?

 all the magical drawings of Vertes, and you hadn't seen his children?

baby Winston, age 1

 toddler Cocteau, age 2

 dreamer Schiap, age 7

the master in repose, Picasso, age 8

 & my favorite, playing dress up:

Edward and Wallis, age 11

dressing down?

Gypsy Rose Lee, age 4

Exhibited in 1951-Stanley Marcus bought the lot of Marcel Vertes' fanciful imaginings of famous personalities of the day for his Dallas store, Neiman Marcus.  the story of Marcus' purchase here

Bianchi's softly tinted walls awash in Vertes Flesh Pink
& her collection of Vertes

and for real Vertes, these alas, are just postcards Neiman Marcus produced- go see Penelope Bianchi's collection here and read her personal remembrances of growing up with Vertes-his paintings, that is. I always love to get comments from Penelope, her enthusiasm is infectious and she enriches us all at her own blog-linked just above.


  1. OH, of course, I just read the first part (are you drowning in email)?

    and answered like a complete twer!

    Didn't read the rest until NOW!

    What a lovely post you did.....and I sincerely appreciate it all!

    Much love,


  2. I have childhood memories of the Vertes "Improbable Portraits," hanging on the second floor of Neimans' downtown Dallas store. They amused (and refined) me while my Mother shopped. They were looted from the Dallas store (along with most of the best art) after the CHH acquisition of Neimans. I think they're in one of the California stores now, the new "flagships" of the company. They're missed.

  3. I never saw these before. They are amusing and insightful in the way that caricatures can be. I read that Marcus book a long time ago, but there were so many adventures in it that they all blur together.

  4. Delightful portraits, and I'm not at all surprised that Stanley Marcus snapped them up. Marcus is one person I'd have loved to invite to dinner!

  5. They are in Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus - downstairs in the hallway off the restrooms! Go figure! Always a tinge of early Picasso, a dash of Berard and mixed generously with Laurencin in my opinion, but you can't top cocktails in the Cafe Carlyle or at Bemelmans for that Cafe Society faux christening!

    As Elsie said to Ludwig...Mother kept you warm last night with her mink, wasn't it warm....that'll cost you a pretty PENNY!

  6. Oh...and my favorite is Garbo as a child! The Elsie/Ludwig story ends with Mother keeping the Mink she desired and billing Ludwig for it after he spent the night at her home...passed out drunk therefore pondering how to it off, she covered him and left a note/bill he read upon awakening.



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