05 October 2012

Du côté de chez Jacques-Émile Blanche


just before the Belle Époque was swept away by the first World War, Jacques-Émile Blanche painted some of the most evocative portraits of the era. The Foundation Pierre Berge Yves Saint Laurent offers them up in their upcoming exhibition. Jacques Grange has created the setting for 70 paintings-as they might have been admired at the end of the century.

Blanche's portraits are some of my favorites-but I love the art of portraiture-his just happen to capture another favorite-the Belle Époque era.

  ‘‘My articles, my studies, my books are, like my painted work,only the paragraphs or pages of a little history of my time.’’ Blanche

Mme Errazuriz  by Jacques Emile Blanche1890

included in the Paris exhibition- the young Proust, Claudel, Colette, Rodin, Cocteau, Debussy, Degas, Mallarmé, Louÿs and other major figures of the Belle Époque.

Curator Jérôme Neutres
Decorator Jacques Grange
Set designer agence NC, Nathalie Crinière

 little augury posts about the Era here
& the artist here


  1. What a wondrous exhibit! I wish I could go to Paris to see it!

    Lovely post!

  2. What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for brininging him to evryone's attention! I was to familiar at all.
    Jamie Herzlinger

  3. I've visited it today and so loved it...



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