04 October 2012

I'm a little teapot


coffee? tea? both?

ebay? etsy? both?
I always loved to pick things from catalogs and the pages of my mother's and grandmother's fashion and house magazines when I was growing up-Always! even Now.
recent looks through etsy  for teapots and a bit of ebay-though navigating through all the clutter there I saw-


Her best friend as a child was a peacock.

Could Virginia be there too?
She loved china & porcelain. That's something that made me happy to know.
And to know her friends saw her as a happy person. Things are not always what they seem to be-for better or worse-No?
Surprised about Virginia's love of  fine porcelain?
Pretty things for a Pretty Virginia, something dainty I think.

Sipping & Smoking at Monk's House-

or gathered around Vanessa Bell's table at Charleston.

& at Garsington, there are oh so many choices for Ottoline.

Ottoline at home, Garsington

 while Vita  found her choice Quite simple.

something she found at Knole and brought home.

 Dorelia ?
whatever was at hand.

 No I couldn't decide on one and these are still to be had at etsy.

Links to their drinks below:\

Burslem, England by R Sudlow & Sons Peacock pot

Transferware Teapot in Plymouth

Enamelware Painted pot

Sterling mounted pot

Eighteenth century Silver teapot

 A Chinese earthenware pot



  1. What a fabulous post, it's all up my alley, from the choice of ladies to the choice of tea pots and all in between! Like you, I am everywhere in search for a good thing! Especially Etsy! My go-to source for so many things vintage and creative!
    Enjoy the hunt!

  2. I've cracked for your teapots!

  3. A teapot isn't any old bit of kitchen equipment which noone sees other than the person doing the cooking. No! The teapot is where we share with friends and relations, on a nice table with a tablecloth. It is a measure of our hospitality, so it should look warm and friendly.

  4. Wonderful post, really enjoyed this! Not sure I could decide on which to have either, perhaps the little silver one, looks so like Aladins lamp. x

  5. last visit to England I revisited Knole and Sissinghurst, but had not seen Charleston until that trip...thought it was a great place and I loved how fiercely protective the guides were of "her" spaces while sharing them....the enamel painted pitcher you found for this post was an absolutely perfect tie to Vanessa and I could NOT resist it! I found your blog through "Treasure Hunt" and Emile has posted several items on restorations at Knole that I am sure you have seen....somehow this all seems intertwined to me and now whenever I gaze at that pitcher and its marvelous painted swags and fringe..I will be thinking of you,Vanessa, Vita and all the rest! Thank you so much for your lively and informative musings!

  6. I fell in love with having tea the first time my then boyfriend invited me - now husband of 25 years. There is something about a spot of tea brewed in a pot that I associate love and peace with.
    My teapots are all white. I found an Eva Ziessel tea pot that I love and the other was given to me by my husband - A white porcelain Royal Copenhagen tea pot.

  7. Me ha encantado tu blog ...
    Soy de conservar las antiguedades de mi familia, como lo que aquì has publicado

    ¡¡¡ Bellìsimo !!!

    un beso desde Argentina

  8. Just adore this post and Enamelware Painted Pot! Classic Little Augury. LOVE.

  9. Just adore this post and Enamelware Painted Pot! Classic Little Augury. LOVE.

  10. How very wonderful! All of my favorite Bloomsberries! Wherever did you find that picture of Dorelia? I've never seen that one before, and it's lovely.

  11. Coyote just ate my peacock. I'd have been pretty hard up if he was my only friend. Peacocks have a wild streak and aren't very affectionate.

  12. Did you decide on a teapot?
    I bought a beautiful dark green and gold English teapot on Etsy many years ago, and it is still my favorite out of the three I own.

    And, I just saw you in Lonny.
    Love your style Gaye!



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