20 October 2012


& smell

horse manure.

driving over to Raleigh (as Andy would say) yesterday-the usual scenery whizzed by-though I wasn't running late-though I usually Am-I just couldn't stop-but I wasn't late.
It gave me pause.
when I got to the Capital (as Andy would say) I had a lovely lunch-I usually don't-but I did yesterday.
Things didn't seem to be "the usual."

I told my lunch companions about a spooky banner I see every year around this time flapping happily in the breeze-I promised to take a photograph on the way home. I didn't. I forgot. I'm sorry.
It bears repeating though-the banner that is-at the church- announces their Annual Holy Ghost Weenie Roast.
No Kidding.
No Lie.
You may say No way-I say,  yeah Boy, Hummm Dawggies (as Andy would say)
Funny right?
Well- alas the sign whizzed right by and then I thought about it. I'm sorry.

The Next scenic thing on the way home I would stop-I would.
I did. It's a beautiful old dairy farm that has been done over into a beautiful Horse Farm. Quail Roost Farm

It was time to take some photographs for this blog.
I hope you love them.

It is beautiful-you can see that Right?

I pulled off onto the side of the paved road, did I mention it had rained earlier in the week?
Did I mention it had rained yesterday?

Did I mention my car got stuck in the mud in this beautiful pastoral setting right by a pasture?

 you see-I had to stop after 50 years of going back and forth and back and forth-yesterday- was the day to stop and get my car stuck here- for you- for these pictures.

 I do need to mention-along with being thoroughly disgusted-I mean to say really pissed off-

a nice lady deputy-yes it's true-I had barely gotten stuck-and barely gotten out of my car-did I mention-it was really-really hard to get out of my car-when she drove up.

Could she help?

Could she speak to triple A for me? (why sure Barney-)

and did I mention the lady that lives in the house across the street came out to invite me in and a young dude in a golf cart-(How ya doin' Ma'am?-the grin-Guess not so good?) came by to check on me-and they talked about a mutual friend-his landlord-that goes to Antioch Baptist-where her son is the preacher-
how they got from my car to there-I'm not sure-but they did-and I grinned.

& then there was the guy on the tractor-
No, I'm fine, thanks. A tow truck is coming.

Brann's Towing Service came driving up in about thirty minutes-assessed the situation-I was impressed.
I asked -what can I do?
Well,  Ma'am You're gonna be steering.
Well-OK then.
He helped me into the car-that was not easy- and he pulled me (the car) Out-giving me some hand signals while I concentrated on them- He had suggested I use the brake so as not to run over him if things got outta control.
So that made me feel good.

All said and done-there was little more to be said- as he said-You're On the Road Ma'am!
I got out of the car-it's all good-complimented him on his skills and gave him a tenner for a cold beer-he grinned.
he waved.
I waved.
the guy on the tractor waved.

yeah-sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the roses-or the horse manure-whichever the case may be-or wherever the case may be.



  1. Hahaha! That kind of stuck happens all the time in the winter here and everybody and their brother come out to help. :)

  2. Beautiful. I could almost cry with tears of joy that you took time to stop and to share. Thank You!

  3. In spite of your little contretemps, I can see how this beautiful drive and scenery would relax and recharge you.

    In the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction department, I looked up "Holy Ghost Weenie Roast" on-line, and apparently they are run with that exact name in many different states.
    --Road to Parnassus

  4. That next-to-last photo could easily be a painting by Maxfield Parrish — beautiful!

  5. You forgot the part about the MARTINI...straight up with losts of Pearl Onions and Olives on the side!

  6. I love the smell of roses and horse manure might even be better. Gorgeous photos. Thank you. I did spend four wonderful years in Durham (not too far). Have a super Sunday.

  7. OK! This is the best post EVER!

    I would have to write 2,000 words......(put everyone's back teeth to sleep)!
    What a great story; what a great writer!

    Will you be in San Francisco for the preview party of the Antique Show?

    My blog "disappeared', from my website! I got an alert message from a follower! (a compliment..right?)

    I am really upset!

    I subscribed to the new magazine......"Walter" (at first I thought "Harold"!) I am old!

    I loved the magazine....and I LOVED your article......what great personalities you captured!

    Bravo! And Brava!


  8. I forgot to compliment you on your beautiful photography! Brilliant!

  9. I do so love your writing style. I feel like I was there.

  10. OH Gaye, I am laughing so hard I'm crying (with you!). The only part missing from this screwball comedy was if the golf cart fella had turned out to be Cary Grant and you lived happily ever after! xo
    PS Enjoyed our lunch!

    1. Now that would have been a good ending-but this is the real world! xo

  11. It's nice to be reminded that there are good ole, good hearted peeps in our world. Glad you stopped, despite the getting stuck---or did you?

  12. Serendipty. Wonderful photos, and a moment to remember just how kind people can be.

  13. And that, friends, is the South in a nutshell. We're bred and nurtured to be gracious to everyone---even ladies who stop cars on a rain-soaked verge and get stuck.

    Sounds like a lovely, memorable day. Hope your shoes weren't ruined when you got out of the car. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous scenery and charming tale.

  14. That could only happen in the South. In California...I won't even tell you what might have happened...thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  15. You know I seldom leave comments, as much as I appreciate your blog (and I do) because I usually feel that I don't have much to add that isn't just taking up space. Now, I can't say that I have anything important to say today but just a thank you, sometimes that is appropriate enough. I loved every minute of being with you as the story unfolded and remembering the kindness of my youth. I can tell you for certain that if the same situation had happened in my part of France, you would definitely be on your own!! And on a weekend no less? You might not even be able to find a tow truck...
    The photos are lovely too. Merci.

  16. I appreciate all the comments on this post. I should have photographed all the characters in the story-but as I say I can't quite get the camera and my life integrated. thanks for reading. pgt



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