22 October 2012

Pin this

I do-I  "Pin."
 No- I don't Love to Pin-I do pin.
I indulge- I'm intrigued.
I wonder?
But is it just me-or is it becoming like a body function-a sneeze maybe? an involuntary function maybe?

Is "thinking" going on?

Is something getting lost? 
Is something getting diluted?

Anne Louis Girodet de Roussy Trioson (French Neoclassical, 1767-1824) ~ Drapery study for a deluge; crayon. white chalk on paper; 1806.



  1. have you seen Daniel Adel's work? Amazingly similar to the study you featured...very pinteresting ha.


  2. I think what is lost is the personal connection of sharing.

    1. What surprises me is the outcome of images-photos-ART losing its Identity. Some images are so pinned they have no substance-but instead-say-"I Love Blue!" My niece and I go round with this she is a graphic designer and feels the internet is the wild wild west and always will be. As Heather says below- it has diminished the work of ARt. I don't know what the answers are. thanks Mary, for your comments. pgt

  3. Is something getting diluted? Most certainly. I am vehemently anti-Pinterest. As the companion of a professional photographer, I have witnessed his income take a nose dive for many reasons but certainly in the devaluation of photography propagated by websites like Pinterest and Tumblr--so much so that they aren't even called photos any more but "images." For many professional photographers, their "bread and butter" has long been the money gained by distributing their archives through world-wide agencies such as Corbis and Getty. Corporate clients no longer always go to such agencies to buy a photograph, why would they when they can "borrow" it for free?

    I understand the desire to collect. When I was young, I ripped out pages from fashion and design magazines. But in no way did I consider myself the owner of those images, let alone the creator of them, something which has been entirely lost. When someone pins an image, Pinterest has the right to sell it (just as Corbis or Getty would) for their own profit, regardless of whether the material has been copyrighted or not. It is the "Pinner's" responsibility not to pin copyrighted material but they often do anyway. And yes, it is possible to have copyrighted material removed from Pinterest but it is a long process.

    I hope you will pardon the length of this response but I feel it is important to get it out there that are very real consequences for some of us out there.
    With Best Regards from Provence,

  4. Heather, I think you express All of the problems and frustrations of Artists. I've heard the very same thing from photographer friends of mine. I do agree in many ways with your comments. I appreciate your expressing them here-that's what I hope to do with posts like this one. pgt



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