24 November 2012

I saw an owl today

the sun's glare on his grey feathers-
a patent gloss of armor.
a ruff of feathers-he balanced
on metal staked by the roadside.

the owl -with knowing,
witness to man's
wayward nature.
man-a blur on the road-
finessing asphalt.


  1. What a face...the eyes, so human...and the beak! Love the prose you wrote! Such an odd time to show a fine feathered beauty, as I was just reading of EL PENACHO, the Quetzal feathered Golden headress of Moctezuma ll. Vienna has had it in hand since 1575 or so...and it's restored and newly exhibited though Mexico has asked for it to be loaned with Vienna claiming it as their own heritage.

    Perhaps your Owl, can lend her Wisdom to Vienna! Oddly, Mexico was the only country in the world to condemn Hitlers invasion in 1939 of Austria.

    1. Swan, you are a font of information and I can't find you anywhere.

  2. fascinating-I can't see it as Viennese. the owl caught my eye-I know we were reading each other's thoughts-and though I was one of them whizzing by- this immediately came to mind.

  3. Gaye, I was sitting up in bed one night reading, my bedroom door open to the outside. I heard a terrifying scream, something like a woman's scream, then another and another. Since no one lives near me, my brain couldn't comprehend it. I later found out that the tiny screech owl sounds like that. Also, I saw two crows bothering an owl in the trees out front, flying at it and making quite a ruckus. The next day, I found one of the crows on the ground below the spot, dead. I would have thought they would have left the owl alone, it being much larger. And crows are supposed to be so smart.

    1. yes, Donna, and one would think Man would be smarter too-Go Figure!

  4. An owl swooped down to catch my cat the other day, but she was quicker and lives another life.
    There is so much that we neglect to perceive. Thank you.



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