22 November 2012

on this day

there will be no banqueting.

no Gluttony.
no Stout.

no jams-
no glamour

no running all about

but guests have been arriving
(of that have little doubt)
with a place at table
I give all thanks to Them-
 (Cecil, Susan Mary, Patty, Ivan, Mercedes, Madge and Esther)

Now please say Grace



  1. HA! All on the list - Happy Thanksgiving to you Gaye!

  2. they all actually came yesterday except for Patrick Leigh Fermor-just have no idea who to serve up first! happy day to you and yours too.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You wouldn't believe all I went through to photograph Sir Patrick's home in Greece. I was almost in twice,even pulling strings with the help of the Wall Street Journal. To no avail alas, the museum shut me off.

    1. to their detriment I will add-what a shame! You are in the best company and thank you for gracing the table. Now where to start!

  5. What company to be with, Thank you Gaye.

  6. Indeed it did-with a pretty signed copy I might add. Ivan's of course is self published and purchased at blurb! H TG to you! pgt

  7. Hope your day was wonderful Gaye.

  8. Adore the image of Giacomo Balla's "Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash" with its fleet-footed dachshund. Balla's Futurist painting very accurately captures the feeling - and look - of walking a dog and "running all about".

  9. Did I just imagine it? Or did this post reference the day JFK was killed in Dallas? November 22!
    It was my mother's birthday.....so it is engraved in my mind.
    Was it just a "fluke"?

    Just wondering!!!

    I adore your blog, as you know!



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