17 December 2012

Ann Getty, Degas, the Divine Sarah & A TREE

the prettiest tree-has to be in Ann Getty's  Music Room-
the prettiest book under the tree this year-Ann Getty Interior Style.

the Christmas tree in the Getty Music Room is filled with thirty years of ornaments collected and made reflecting the Getty's love for the opera

The beauty of what's inside the book is No Surprise. I've long followed the style and design elegance of Ann Getty. Her passion for Art-Design-& her Work is evident in the book's pages. Accompanying Getty on her opulent design journey is writer-Diane Dorrans Saeks- purveyor of all things beautiful-and beautifully distinctive to the West Coast and of far flung places beyond.

The book is a sliver of perfection-a exotic taste of  Getty Opulence. Attention to detail and understanding of Getty's style and her pursuits are handled by author Diane Dorrans Saeks with finesse.Both women know themselves and each other-that is what makes the book one of those you will want to reach for time and again. Saeks moves through the homes of the Gettys with golden tales of history-art and design-in a language that reflects the mood created by Ann Getty's assemblage of lavish textiles and furnishings.

The Getty home in San Francisco is inhabited by the great-Artists, as well as the famous names of their day:
tiered ormolu chandelier originally owned by the famed fashion maverick Daisy Fellowes

Read more: Dining Room Chinoiserie Panels - Pictures from Ann Getty's San Francisco Home - Harper's BAZAAR
tiered ormolu chandelier originally owned by the famed fashion maverick Daisy Fellowes

Read more: Dining Room Chinoiserie Panels - Pictures from Ann Getty's San Francisco Home - Harper's BAZAAR

Degas and Matisse paintings in the Getty Living Room

Moreau, Renoir & Pissaro make appearances here as well

A Chandelier in the Dining Room belonged to Daisy Fellowes
Chinoiserie Panels were designed for the King of Poland

the Dining Room table set for the Holidays

Ann Getty poses for Harper's Bazaar in her Russian inspired Music Room
(the color and textiles Getty used in this room are amongst my personal favorites)

Curtains in Patchwork are from Nureyev's Paris Apartment
Caneletto and his pupil's work hang on a raspberry damask wall
(another of my favorite things- Patchwork)

Jacques Emile Blanche paints Nijinsky, the painting hangs in the Living Room
(I adore the works of Blanche)

Getty's signature colors are reprised in Peter Getty's Music Room  
(the finish and walls in this room echo some of my own in a previous home)

A Lepage portrait of the Divine Sarah Bernhardt hangs in the peacock blue Living Room of the Getty's Temple of Wings estate
 ( Sarah Bernhardt and I share a birthday)

 The Temple of Wings is dedicated to the Aesthetic Movement Collection amassed by the Gettys
(another favorite of my own is the Aesthetic Movement)

 Frederick Leighton paintings hang in Temple Study

 & what's equally revealing and another thing I like is Getty's easy going style-it's obvious she is at home in her formal surroundings dressing simply & with ease.

I believe it's as easy to relax in a formal room as it is in any.

Ann Getty 
Personal Style

to Note: Getty in jeans-a white shirt-and could it be Minnetonka moccasins?
& the decrepit tufting on the cut crystal chair-(another of my favorite things "If...don't fix it.")

once again-I say-get this book-destined to be a page worn Classic.

The Style Saloniste-Diane Dorrans Saeks wonderful blog- HERE. Diane has her top ten book selections for the season published this week too.

Anne Getty Associates HERE

(thank you to Rizzoli for the beautiful collection of photographs given by permission to use- with principal photographs by Lisa Romerien)


  1. That IS a gorgeously decorated tree. Do you suppose Lady Getty could send over her tree decorator. I'm in need of one, after all! Happy Christmas PGT, aka LA.

    1. Not even a tree here this year-I am celebrating them in books. pgt

  2. Divine, divine. I am trying to be frugal but this little taste of this book is testing my fortitude greatly!

    1. the book is indeed a temptation-and I know what you mean about tapering off, but I am a failure when it comes to them. I find the best older books at abe books. pgt

  3. I can only say...SHE is an American Icon, the Style and Eye are ingrained from birth, self taught, learned from other Masters in various fields of Art.

    I am forever grateful for meeting her at VERANDA MAGAZINEs superb private party at Greystone, the Doheny Mansion when she headed the committee

    1. Her Look is so appealing. I have to agree and so glad to hear it from you.

  4. I agree with you, the most beautiful tree!

  5. I still haven't seen the book, but that is indeed a wonderful tree!

    1. It is a vision-so well edited and DDS is the perfect storyteller for the decoration.

  6. Gaye I know I have been remiss in commenting. I had to when I saw this post on Ann Getty.
    Oh if I were to ever have a mentor. Her sumptuous style, the fabrics (that Large ottoman)I could go on forever...

    Love & Hugs,
    Art by Karena
    $75 NOVICA Giveaway

    1. we are all- always busy-and yes she would be a joy to speak with, you and me both! pgt

  7. I struggling a bit with this fantastic post in the wake of the senseless massacre of last Friday. The beautiful simplicity of the lives lost is in stark contrast to this home.

    1. Mary,the same. I am a bit out of sink with this post. I have lost the ability to express how I feel about such a loss as a nation and humanity has suffered. I do not think anything follows it well. I left weekend impressions that seemed to give reflection to the joys of childhood and innocence. I can only think what a wondrous place this would be to children-a palace, a place for fairy princesses. pgt


    Ann Getty says: 'Beauty can be so uplifting'. I agree. Beauty is inspiring, and loveliness is to be enjoyed and created and nurtured and protected. We must always project beauty in our lives, and it takes many forms.

    Ann's grandchildren and the young children of her private school are often creating paintings in the living room, or reading curled up on sofas in the music room...they are calmed and comforted and inspired by the soft touch of the velvets and the loveliness of her antiques. I've seen it often. Beauty affects us all.

    Beauty endures, beauty is nourishing, and is to be celebrated. Ann Getty's paintings and artistry, so protected and enhanced in her houses, are beauty that can console, uplift.

    I wish all lovely readers and friends an enhanced sense of compassion.

    1. Diane, thank you for visiting today. I am gratified to hear this-and not surprised. Beauty is a great healer-and we should seek it in the simplest of places and the most opulent. pgt


  9. Oh, when money and taste go together! I was going to say. . But the sum is greater than the parts here and real beauty emerges. How wonderful too
    that it comes to us curated by Diane Dorrans Saeks

    1. These Getty interiors go beyond mere decoration. I appreciate the provenance of each and every thing-and DDS's understanding of all Ann Getty has collected. pgt



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