19 December 2012

Ladies of the COSMIC Club: the Rings of Legge & Braine


 Rose Medusa by Legge & Braine

I noticed it in an instant-dancing on Lisa Fine's hand-a big beautiful sphere- catching the light-catching my eye. Occasionally Lisa would tap it on the table-I would look again. I was even-I might say-fixated on that ring. The creator of said ring sat across from me with a translucent porcelain complexion sipping on a whiskey sour wrapped in make-up colors-Charlotte di Carcaci of Legge & Braine.

Legge and Braine is the brand of Charlotte-the"Legge" and Kate Braine. Their collection of rings-hand blown Murano glass- are big & baubly- eye catchers-but substantive.

after our meeting last month-I sent Charlotte a note & jotted down some questions for her-

Your favorite Legge & Braine Ring?

Charlotte: My favourite ring changes with the seasons but the Emerald Green Medusa which was one of our first designs is a perennial favourite. The colour is so strong it bites the eye 

Emerald Medusa

Current design inspirations?

Charlotte: We are always inspired by coral reefs, undersea plants. Persian inlaid boxes, star clusters & Eighteenth century eye jewellery 

Who wore jewelry well in the past?
Queen Elizabeth 1 
Queen Marie of Romania
Cora Pearl & 
the Maharajah of Indore - all wore Jewellery well in the past.

 French courtesan Cora Pearl & Legge & Braine's Clematis Supernova

Maharaja of Indore & Legge & Braine's Scarlett Prince Charming

What woman today wears jewellry beautifully?
Charlotte: Sheikhar Mozah (the wife of the Emir of Quatar) wears jewellery wonderfully now.

Sheikhar Mozah & Legge & Braine's Snow flack Supernova

Finish this sentence-Women don't have enough_________.
Charlotte: Women don't have enough hands.

 Kate Braine, at left-and Charlotte right

Women have too much____________.
Charlotte: Women have too many shoes.

“When you possess one of our rings it is though you have joined a magical club” Charlotte & Kate

Happily I report-I'm Now-a member!
( My Ring-below- from Legge & Braine)

the Legge & Brain website is here
Join the magical club-there is something about these rings!



  1. This are exquisite. I've put several of the rings on my NEEDS list.
    Thanks. Mary

  2. Happy to report I'm a member too!! LOVE my Medusa!!

    1. I love that one-think we got our membership around the same time. pgt

  3. Oh The Clematis Supernova! Divine!

    Love and Hugs
    Art by Karena



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