03 April 2013


 a soon to be Princess & her dogs aboard ship headed to Monaco

More than a few of you mistakenly thought the last post called Requiem:Sophie's Choice was about my dog.  No, this is The Sophie I've written about a number of times. She will be missed by her friends (me) & family.

 stories about Sophie here

 My Zetta, (alive & well), wishes not to go by the way of urban legend-she is making her own.

stories about Zetta here

Then- there is My Beloved, in fact- some of my first posts, Dog Gone, are about Moses,(deceased).

stories about Moses here

Finally there is Argos, Sophie's adopted brother, written about initially- when he was skin & bone-literally.

& about Argos here
 this photograph is indeed of Argos-mistakenly identified as Sophie in the last post. We all make mistakes-but luckily there are few when it comes to our dogs.

Sophie & her mistress
 (photograph by Missy McLamb)

then, there are other dogs in my life-but that's another story...

but for the moment-this blog-officially Gone to the Dogs.



  1. Your Zetta looks a lot like my Bella. What wonderful friends they are.

  2. I miss my Cavaliers, Ruby & Rumsey...they were with us 13 & 15 years respectively, and it still seems so fresh. I know they are with me in spirit.

  3. Here is what I thought. It was a dog you knew and loved.

    and a beautiful post!!


    1. Penelope-She was just lovely-and yes indeed a great friend and lady. pgt

  4. The true thing to do (if you can); is go find a "rescue who needs rescuing!!!) right away!!

    Not to "replace"; but to save a wonderful dog from euthanasia.....(4 million a year)!!

    someone said to me; when the day after we lost a "rescue dog we had for 17 years" "How can you possibly do this so quickly?"

    I said......"death row" in the shelter isn't waiting for me to 'process my grief'" there are the most wonderful dogs you can imagine......on "death row" and euthanized every single day!

    Go save one!

    Go on "Petfinders"! Every single breed has a rescue!

    Never, ever, ever BUY a dog!

    And if you have ever loved a dog; then go SAVE a dog!

    Get over YOURSELF!!! Go save a DOG!!

    Just my opinion!!!

    1. MINE TOO! So agree, and thank you for adding that important message. pgt

  5. I love dogs, just about any dog. So much love and wisdom.
    Thanks for the update.

    1. Mary-pretty much all that gather here are the same.pgt

  6. I love that LA has gone to the dogs! Bless beautiful Sophie and Moses and every single dog. Zetta is so pretty. Billy would love her. I cannot express enough how much love I feel for my B! Love flows from him like a river of gold. ox

    1. Zetta is a TRIP-not sure that Billy wants to take! They are our better selves for sure-however Zetta might be too much like my real self! pgt

  7. the last picture is of Wills-my brother's dog. He has 2 KCS, the other SOphie is a rescue-and a real love. pgt

  8. What a wonderful post!

    The Perfect Life

  9. Gaye,

    My beloved Mother passed away on Jan. 26,'13 at the age of 86. She was a great dog lover! When my daughter and I were going through her souvenirs, we found a matchbox with "Duffy" written on. Duffy was my companion from about 4 or 5 years of age until I was a teenager, when he died. The matchbox contained a little clipping of his black fur. Thanks, Mom! I hope you and Duffy are re-united.

    1. Diane, that is the most beautiful dog and love story. It really touches on the love we have for our dogs and our families.I know you have the fondest memories of them together. best, Gaye



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