13 April 2013



an article by Nicky Haslam in T Magazine caught my eye. It's a brilliant, "billy baldwinesque" read on TASTE,
What is it about TASTE? here

Colette van de Thillart & Nicky Haslam, from their website here

 on the SHELF: (there's another book-I know it,) but-at the moment.


  1. Yes! His article is 100% correct - do as Beaton said, avoid ordinary!
    Interiors books should always be decades old to avoid trends.

  2. It was terrific, wasn't it? Oh, why can't my house look like Cy Twombley's?

  3. "Throw out and keep throwing out" said Eugenia Errázuriz. Thanks Nicky for the introduction - one desperately needs exactly this inspiration of daring, restraint, and even more, aspects of humour and emphemeral perspective exemplified by your and Colette's interiors . You give confidence to tentative amateurs like me.



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