07 April 2013

very PINteresting

I'm getting on with Pinterest. I will have to say it is too too addicting, but it is a perfect spot for jumping off and swimming in technicolor seas searching for things to bring back to little augury. It wakes up little augury's grey cells. Some of the topics I've explored on little augury are just taking hold there-while others have multiplied.
Fortune and the Author, Paris 1410.

My mother has also joined in the thing and has her own boards-but we have several we share. Each of us has a board with our initials or in my case one for little augury. Here we can swap ideas that catch our attention and Pin It! I've incorporated my design projects into boards of their own where I'm sharing ideas for clients-textiles, furniture, color, inspiration, etc. It's a quick way to make notes and add details without downloading lots of images and emailing them. The Pinterest board seems to open up the "dialog" with clients - immediately.

Oh Grow UP is a place where I can hoard the images that shaped my design taste as a child and young adult. You would be surprised at how strong these influences remain in my design DNA today.

Me, Myself & I is a place where I can drop things I'm considering wearing, or buying-or recovering-(it happens). Though I never plan to replace my Clarence House camel mohair sofa -a chair in the same fabric after 20 + years has suffered under the CAT.(no I don't have a place to PIN the CAT) Zetta has been digging up Rose Cumming's silk damask on an antique Swedish bench for awhile. Truth told-the fabric was beginning to wear a bit-and with that inch-she took a mile. This board holds some fabric possibilities for recovering these pieces of furniture.

Boards like Summer Straw-SphinX and Kaftan are topics I've explored here in the past and they continue to blow on these boards. Renaissance Art has a place of its own along with the artists Crivelli, Liotard, and Helleu all splintering off into boards of their own.

I've found a Pinner whose boards are All Things Proust-it's impressive.
 As with any thing we get the most out of a thing that we put into it.


  1. Im addicted too!! it's like therapy isn't it?! take care- MDS

  2. I have kept away as I am afraid of getting addicted to it. I might have to take a peek someday. I don't even know how.

  3. Oh, boy! do I ever have some pictures to send you! Thank God for digital photographs!

    I bought this divine Colefax and Fowler fabric (seat and back, no less!!) and the cat...well.....

    I took these photographs into the showroom at the PDC; and said (with a straight face): "This fabric really did not hold up as well as it should!!"

    They "fell out!!!" Wait till you see!

  4. Impressive top image and it made me wonder about the relationship between Shiva and Fortune. After a quick google, I am back. Yes, in Japan, Shiva-Fortune is worshiped - must look into this more! The poor author looks like he is protesting, 'but I only have two hands!' I agree with Donna, I find Pinterest a little scary, but I guess it's a way of organizing all those pictures we collect anyway.

  5. I've really gotten into Pinterest since installing it on my phone. When I have a few minutes it's so easy to turn it on and explore. So fun but addictive!

  6. Love the many-armed Fortune image. Very handy for Cartwheel of Fortune!



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