17 April 2013

seen & heard


as I begin a  new project, I run through things in my mind before anything ever touches pen to paper, formally.
Yes, everything still goes into a notebook.

I do take notes when I meet with clients-and after I always fill in the notes with more details I need to remember-and things that I have an immediate affinity for at the house.

A painting-an old box-a cherished collection-a family photograph that tells me things a client doesn't think to say- a story about the dog-the cat-the baby.
There are the obvious signals
and then there are the quiet ones, and the hidden.

photographs are my own.



  1. YIKES!!!

    Keep going!!

    Are you kidding ? NOW WHAT??

    You should be a mystery writer!

    I am on the edge of my seat!!!


  2. It's wonderful that you are so intuitive with your clients... and it shows... How rewarding to create an interior for people and really make it theirs... Fabulous vignettes... xv

  3. A house where the dogs are a part of the family - now that's a home (in my book). They will also tell you which is the most comfortable chair!



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