18 April 2013

the Rooms of Pierre Bergian

As a designer I was instantly drawn to the paintings of Pierre Bergian. Artist renderings of interiors has long been an aspect of interior design & architecture-with artists producing great works that beautifully-& accurately record beautiful rooms. Bergian's "rooms" go far beyond that-in fact his work remembers rooms. There is a frisson of mystery there.

Paintings might be prominently displayed, or propped along the wall in Bergian's rooms- lending impermanence to them. All his rooms are beautifully architectural and while we know someone has been there, we less certain they will return.

 Palazzo Mora in Venice-Pierre Bergian

   ‘Underlying layers of paint, or even other interiors may be visible in my paintings. 
This makes the work more like an archaeological object.’Pierre Bergian

Abandoned Room-Pierre Bergian

One of The Three Sisters-Pierre Bergian

 Temple-Pierre Bergian

 The Two Small Doors-Pierre Bergian

Pierre Bergian's home and studio in Bruges is in extreme contrast to his paintings: life in full flow.

 the artist and his studio


 Bergian's home is filled with classical elements-formal chandeliers-books and light, music & noise-can't you hear it humming?


 images of Bergian's work provided by Purdy Hicks Gallery
photograph of Pierre Bergian's home are the artist's and are provided by the Purdy Hicks Gallery

Bergian's work is currently on view at the Purdy Hicks Gallery in London through 27 April.
read more about Bergian's work here

Purdy Hicks Gallery
65 Hopton Street · Bankside · London se1 9gz


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  1. I like the quality in his paintings that you have described so well, a feeling of solitude within a distinguished architectural context.



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