06 May 2013

Screening Room I

  from L Officiel, 1961.

 right now I'm thinking-what a perfect piece to use in a new project-the Coromandel Screen. I've written about the beauty of pieces done in lacquer with Chinese decoration often -and with good reason. There is nothing more powerful in a room than a Coromandel Screen-as attested to by Chanel in her classically beautiful Rue Cambon rooms.

Photograph by Lipnitzki. 1937.

HE had 1 too-
of course. 
...adding it to the required must haves for rooms with Baldwinesque Chic-

Billy Baldwin

She had 1 -in variation.

 Brooke Astor

Designers know when to employ them-whether the power piece in a room- Rose Tarlow,

 Or as an equal partner-Michael Taylor's rooms for Dodie Rosekrans,

 & never sell 1 short-
a screen loves to show off  in any room-Eliza Bolen's bedroom,

& in a second incarnation in her living room.

for Forever & a day-they've been appearing in fashion photographs- and portraits.

Balenciaga gown from 1954
photographer unknown

you often hear of the mannequins in these fashion photographs taking off with the clothes? the jewels? the shoes?
I'd be making off with the screen.



  1. Sooo funny! I'd be glad to help you smuggle that screen out!

    The Perfect Life

  2. The photo of Rose Tarlow's London living room is one I return to again and again. Thank you for featuring it! So beautiful!

  3. Every client that's had one, it's behind the sofa. 30 years of designing gardens. Always behind the sofa.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. I've been noticing screens so much lately and I loved this post. They are really fabulous some of them!
    Lovely blog.


  5. Gaye I do love these screens. I have a four panel I need to do some work on and get it up!

    Art by Karena

  6. Not merely a pretty but a forgiving presentation. Kindly, you don't remark on the incongruity of nullifying the screen, in most of these rooms, by deploying it as a wall ornament, at great sacrifice of its functional mystery. Of course the fine and the opulent make their own case for themselves, but we don't think of hoisting a Barcelona chair on top of Mies' chaise longue; and possibly we lose some of our appreciation of its sublime geometry without this placement. On the other hand, we might very well find this enhances the chair's projection of comfort, and relieves the plane it rests on of simple load-bearing duties. But it isn't everywhere, that we'd gain esteem for doing it, until absolved by the precedent of a fashion for it.

  7. Screen gems from you are always the best! Love this and hope we get a Part II!

  8. I use my Coromandel screen in the entrance...to create a foyer, so first impression is the beauty of the Black and Gold village with deer and Elephants behind a rare Paul Lazlo Coral color, glass and Sycamore veneered open console. On the reverse which opens onto the 55 foot long room is the Celestial portion over the mountain range. Michael Taylor procured this George lll screen for his partner Jimmy Wilson...and it creates the rooms drama from both sides ob Beauty!

  9. I love coromandel screens or boxes or furniture. But let's not forget amazing Japanese screens painted on gold or silver leaf or Chinese scholar screens.....



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