08 May 2013

when Punk met the MET

a little late for the Met Gala-doesn't matter-since I wasn't on the guest List-along with most Punks in the country. I have to refer you-dear Punk reader-to ANOTHER's  page with an airing of Jefferson Hack's interview with Malcolm McLaren.
McLaren and Vivienne Westwood are "the father of Punk"-and mother respectively.

PUNK Parents, the original Adam and Eve
mclaren and westwood, from Harper's Baazar, 2013

After reading the interview McLaren emerges as the soul of reason, how the worm turns. I can't help but think the PUNK: Chaos to Couture-Met Gala could have made the most PUNK of all statements in bypassing a party and have the money raked in via paypal.

Excerpted from AnOther's Malcom McLaren Moment:

Although in Warhol’s universe you had to be beautiful and buy into the image in order to be famous. Punk took that notion and subverted it. Punk was never about having to be beautiful to be famous. It was about having the democracy of being ugly…It was making ugliness beautiful. The Sex Pistols’ whole premise was: I’m going to be the artful dodger. I’m not going to accept that. I’m going to search for the authentic. I’m going to fucking write songs that I believe in. I’m going to write lyrics that haven’t been used before. I’m not following the old-fashioned template. I’m going to declare the ultimate culture: DIY.

I'd say the exhibition was aptly named-chaos to couture-from the looks of things traipsing & posing on the grand steps of the Gala.

 "Authenticity is to be found in the ruins, in reclaiming the past. That was how you preserved the authentic."MM"

practically perfect-Pure PUNK

the EVE of PUNK
Vivienne Westwood-in Vivienne Westwood -her jewelry-a photograph of Bradley Manning

Westwood's Lady in Waiting, model actress Lily Cole in Vivienne Westwood

singer songwriter Grimes, far right in Chanel.
Grimes fits the mold-she too, is a Natural, Punk that is.

appropriately  played  Punk

actress Lily Collins in Vintage, with a Moschino gown

Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs-her current incarnation as singer is Punk looking

Julia Macklow in Zang Toi

couture PUNK

Rooney Mara wearing Givenchy

Cara Delevigne in Burberry


Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon-love the dress as a stand alone

Madonna in Givenchy

Purists (they know who they are-and present that image irregardless of a theme) Impressive.

amusing, the lovely Carolina Herrera

Sienna Miller-in Burberry-dressed as Sienna Miller-something she would wear together to any event, no doubt-and looking every bit Pure Punk.

Stella Tennant with designer Christopher Kane

Pulchritude (plain and simple, pretty)

Alexa Chung wearing Erdem

Bella Heathcote in Chanel

Anna Wintour in Chanel, Pink is the color of Punk, appropriately following in Vreeland's vernacular.

nature's PUNK

Somehow wearing a simple seersucker gown? amidst the poseurs in PUNK
is PUNK,

Zooey de Chanel in custom designed Tommy Hilfiger

J. Crew's Jenna Lyons

Damian Lewis and  Helen McCrory, don't they seem like naturals? She could easily play Westwood-and he-a convincing McLaren.

& a taste of Grimes aka Claire Bouche

now-I wonder what the actual exhibition looks like? hope to see it in June.


  1. Have been a big fan of McClaren's music for many years, and have all his CDs that have had endless play. Also an admirer of Ms. Westwood, too, and an appreciator of punk's glory days. The Met Gala, at least as reported in the media, seems to have become little more than a cattle call for Tabloid slebs, epitomized by this year's Kardashian nigtmare I'm sorry to say. I suppose the fashion houses underwrite their tickets, which is the only way I figure they'd show up for such an event. God forbid they'd actually pay the $2,500+ tab for a seat at it. Thank goodness Madge arrived looking like the wonder that she is. I'd welcome more of the Pat Buckley type crowd (in its present incarnation) back again, though.

    1. Reggie, yes to have opted out of the affair would have been quite PUNK. I love VWestwood-she epitomizes the thing, knows exactly who she is. That is what I find most interesting about fashion in this sort of venue-everywhere in fact. the real ones like CH- and that darling GRIMES, who might like to have a listen, have my praise and admiration most wholeheartedly.Love what is happening for you in AD! pgt

  2. The most Interesting take on the Gala I've read Gaye. Adore Vivian Westward.
    I do disagree with the garden party looks in seersucker and Miss Wintour even looking punk. Then the evening wear you would arrive at any Gala wearing ex: Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Ah, Reggie of course knows great music....McClaren's is just that!

    Art by Karena

    1. Karena-interestingly GP slammed the entire affair-as boring and too hot. I do love that idea of completely ignoring the "theme" as long as it is in good taste! Take a listen to Grimes! pgt



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