06 June 2013



I know there are many people that feel insulted or put upon when I express my views on social issues and politics. I've struggled with it and because I am who I am- I always feel a bit of guilt for expressing my political views here.
I've had numerous (many many) comments whenever this comes up-meaning when I mix politics and social issues with Dogs, Decorating, Beauty, Art. Some say don't do it. Some say Unsubscribe Me (sorry I can't do that, You must), Some say Bravo.
I say real issues-real things are happening amidst all this Beauty-and they aren't all pretty. Social justice, Political issues, are a part of who I am. I am passionate about it all-I love my country as much as anyone, and I respect real ideas and real opposition to how the country is best served.
My blog started as a way of continuing the dialog between myself and my dear friend, Sandford Peele-who died a few weeks before little augury was born. We talked-a lot, and always we had rousing conversations raucous even, sometimes frivolous-sometimes deeply serious. In many ways that reason still applies. When it
ceases to be my own spot- and I hesitate to speak my own mind because I fear offending, I'll move on.
I would be fooling myself if I ignored the things I am passionate about. I respect everyone that comes here and reads, but it is a choice always-it is not required reading.

I can't stick to a single topic-my life's not like that, but it does center around and often, Dogs, Decorating, Beauty and Art, just not always.


  1. People died for your free speech. And continue to fight for it.

    Use it.

    Who cares what others think?

    Your free speech is more important, to me, than its content.

  2. Please continue doing what you have been doing and do it unapologetically. You and I are not so far apart.

  3. I don't know an interesting blog which is not constructed the same way, give or take the awareness of it.

  4. Here here, if someone is savvy enough to sign themselves up anyway, they should be able to figure it out otherwise. I was disappointed I couldn't leave a comment on said political post -as I heartily agree with you! It can't all be pretty. These blogs are our public diaries of sorts, and I agree: if someone doesn't like it -they don't have to read it. They're our personal belongings in a way and we have domain! Speak!

  5. Go Gaye. I have tried to stay away from political issues and have only written one political post out of over 400. My friends are all republicans, go figure, and don't want to hear anything but their own views, thus, I have held back. Dominique Browning's blog has formed Mother's Air Force to fight for clean air etc. We need brave souls to fight the powers that be. My own rant is the agri-terrorist Monsanto. So speak out. We can't be silent.

  6. If you are interested in reading Dominique Browning's blog and/or joining her Mom's Air Force, her site is Slow Love Life at www.slowlovelife.com.

  7. Bravo! You are right that sometimes the unpleasant realities of life must intervene in blogland. During what we refer to as the Wisconsin Uprising in 2011/12, my gardening blog went almost totally political. When your life is turned upside down and you are in the street marching with thousands of fellow citizens, how can you not share what you are seeing and experiencing with readers? As you say, no one has to read if they don't want to.

  8. gratitude to all of you! what about the dog dressed as marie antoinette though?(she reminds me of myself!)

  9. I haven't even read them; except Tara! I am positive that you and Tara I have known in at least one other life! (Brooke taught me about "more than one"!)

    Please, I beg you, don't ever edit your dialogue! EVER! Let the people who disagree; or rather only want to read what they agree with, "fall away"! I hope they will!

    oh please.....never change.

    If one single person "unsubscribes" I will be surprised!


    ps I have had 6 people "unsubscribe" in the last 6 months. At first, I almost asked them, "WHY?"

    Then, I decided not to!

    I have had 10 times that number people who have subscribed! Should I write to them? (that is an honest question....should I? I don't know!)

    I am at the "elderly" end of the blogging group! I really don't know what to do every now and then! Thank you for your help!

    Now this is really , really funny. Honestly; (I could not make this up!) I saw the dog in the headdress...the first second......it reminded me of YOU!!!) (it's the eyes!)

    I SWEAR TO GOD!! AND I HAVE MET YOU IN PERSON (ALL OF YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT!!) GAYE HAS THAT EXPRESSION ON HER FACE!!! And in her eyes! Love, gentleness.....look at those eyes!

    It sounds ridiculous.....but so do many things that are absolutely true!

    Bravo! Girl!

    I am so proud of you!


  10. Love the poodle (sort of looks like Jones--but he's a blue). Your blog is a light shining--it is deep, heart felt, smart and well-informed. Please continue to be that light. xoxo

  11. I have a fine respect for your intelligently expressed point of view and wealth of knowledge to back it up. That is what draws me as a reader and so I am delighted by any and all subjects that you wish to tackle. I am listening and appreciative.

    But I do understand. I don't sugar coat my own writing about my life in Provence or France in general and have just come to accept that I will lose subscribers whenever I write about my political views (as with my disgust over the recent same sex marriage law riots here) or struggles with loneliness despite the fine view. Honesty is always worth it. Isn't it?

    Merci for all you do. And the pupper even has the softened gaze ready for her Reynolds portrait...

  12. I enjoy reading your blog and applaud your courage in stating your personal views. That's what having your own blog is all about, isn't it? Too many people, including family and friends, forget that we are all not identical even though we love and or like each other. Keep opening our minds and entertaining our eyes! Also, love the dog!

  13. In the archive of Little Augury is a treasure trove of ideas and personalities -people from various periods who had something to say and who gathered around them the "leading lights" of the day, in a salon of ideas on aesthetics, philosophy, politics. In the Western tradition art is political-the women of the Enlightenment -Catherine of Russia , Madame de Pompadour corresponded with Voltaire.There are so many other examples, and that is what makes Little Augury so special -ideas, politics, art, fashion, design are inextricably linked. That is what makes LA so smart, and compelling reading. Brava!

  14. this from Renee,It isn't that you have a different opinion that is insulting and offensive, it is that you are so politically correct and naive that is offensive. I find your "opinions" are stated in such a fashion that you believe that people who disagree with your world point of view must be racist and small minded-this is ludicrous. No offense, but you are not a great thinker and your points are not well made and after all, people who subscribe to your blog do so for the visuals and now very rarely, interesting bios of old fashion icons.

    It amazes me that you glorify the biggest racists and anti-semites in the world, the Mitfords and Chanel and that hideous Tenant woman who killed two beautiful birds to make a truly ugly hat and then you point the finger at your own subscribers as though you are some sort of shining example of tolerance.

  15. and imagine-she is still reading and bothering to write.

  16. from H. Stay true to you, you're fabulous.

    from A. It took guts to put your opinion out there.
    I enjoy your blog.(A reader from AZ).

    from Munich, Well done, well said. Ignore the hecklers.

  17. Well, of course!!
    Shake it off and move on.



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