07 June 2013

love me hate me, Reprise.

 welcome all lovers of Chanel, the Mitfords, and Hitler.

I have a reader that desperately needs to air her views-So I am obliging.
She writes to respond to my "auguries" post:
" It isn't that you have a different opinion that is insulting and offensive, it is that you are so politically correct and naive that is offensive. I find your "opinions" are stated in such a fashion that you  believe that people who disagree with your world point of view must be racist and small minded-this is ludicrous. No offense, but you are not a great thinker and your points are not well made and after all, people who subscribe to your blog do so for the visuals and now very rarely, interesting bios of old fashion icons.

It amazes me that you glorify the biggest racists and anti-semites in the world, the Mitfords and Chanel and that hideous Tenant woman who killed two beautiful birds to make a truly ugly hat and then you point the finger at your own subscribers as though you are some sort of shining example of tolerance."
rather than goading her, (and I always try to respond back) I wrote:
 Renee, I find it fascinating that you would even care to-read much less write me... Glad you continue to do both.
 She returns by saying:

"It fascinated me that you are fascinated with someone who keeps an open mind when yours is so closed to any opposing points of view.

I might unsubscribe yet, I don't like the smirking tone of your response. If you want to print your political opinions and give the illusion you are so open minded why not also mention the Mitfords' love of Hitler and their adultery and running after married men with wealth and titles. Why fail to that Chanel started as a  a long term cheap hooker and avowed hater of Jews and black people? Are you only a liberal for some people but not others? Please tell us what to think and which people you approve of and especially who we should all vote for because that is what democracy is all about.

You are not an intellect. You are also a plagiarist as most all of your blog is a rip of of photos and ideas gathered from others. Your views are so predictable and boring and bound to rile up some people because you come across as so self righteous and self aggrandizing not merely for your views. Hitler would have loved you as you would only see what he wanted you to see."


  1. Hmm I don't know where she's coming from - this is out of left field. I don't know when you claimed to be an intellectual (although I might argue that you are one) but this is really insane. the internet drags up all kinds of crazy - stay as you are. Last time I checked, you were talking about these people as style icons, not for their political beliefs. Thats a whole other discussion though about the political zeitgeist of the time period and it's rather hard to judge them with what we know now. Don't let it get to you!

  2. Not all Mitford's adored Hitler...I believe the only Mitford son died in WWII. Regardless, I enjoy your blog based upon the fashion and lifestyle aspects of lives lived.
    I appreciate the fact that you published the opinion of your critic. I do not see how his/her point really applies to your blog, but Bravo for printing it.

    P.S. I am an intellectual!!! : )

  3. DSM V would make for interesting reading here...methinks someone has a personality disorder.

  4. "L'enfer, c'est les autres." - Jean Paul Sartre.

  5. Renée seems to be big on Sweeping Generalizations, no?

  6. I applaud you for printing her rants, as I'm sure she thought she could attack with some sense of anonymity.
    She is so off base in her assessment of you, your writing, your blog, and most certainly, your intellect, that it's laughable..... pathetic but laughable.

  7. Woo Wee, looks like you've stirred up a hornets' nest in somebody's wee brain. Takes all kinds I guess. Keep up the good work and keep the faith.

  8. TRUTH is the MIRROR most cannot bear to look at....for the image reflected is REALITY rather than the FANTASY most wander this Earth in - sometimes those borne to bear the Mirror for those to PEER into have all the weight of the World upon their shoulders...YOU HAVE DONE WELL!

  9. "If you are pissing people off, you know you are doing something right” John Lydon (some people know him as Johnny Rotten)

  10. This is such a typical reaction from anyone associated with the tea party. They love to bring out the Hitler references when they have no facts to back up their silly nonsense on any and everything. (Check your historic facts, Renee, don't just read what you want to see, look at the source.)
    It's both ridiculous and sad how narrow minded these sheepish followers have become, fortunately they whole bunch of them are following each other off the same cliff as their 'party' is slowly dissipating.

  11. Oh My---this person needs professional help. Can't imagine what she is ranting about. Please press on.
    (And have a super week-end)

  12. I am having a "workshop" on organic gardening....at my house and garden tomorrow....so I am supposed to be going to bed early, I have not read any of the comments...but I will not be able to SLEEP IF I don't comment right now.

    I am guessing that I am older that ALL OF YOU! I think I am the oldest "blogger"!

    (I am 66)
    This person is CRAZY; and this person is potentially dangerous.

    Please don't post any more of her craziness. It encourages her insanity, She could seriously become a threat,

    There is not one ounce of validity in anything she (I am assuming she is a she??) says. The ravings of a maniac.

    People like this (an example is the guy who shot and killed John Lennon) just look that one up! Sounds just like this person. He is in prison. But not before he snuffed the life out of (my personal favorite Beatle)!

    These people with these extreme and insane opinions can, indeed , be dangerous. Boston Marathon bomber. One example! How this person could work up this head of steam......belies serious mental problems. Serious.

    Please.......be careful. and you decide to publish this or not.......

    Serious WACKO!!

  13. I would consider it a compliment that you can "smirk" in your writing! YIKES!!

    this person is "certifiable"; and I am truly afraid......dangerous!



  14. Daft, she is. I think blogging is, essentially, something you do for yourself and chose to share with the digital world. There is no requirement for correct spelling, intellectual rigour or staying on topic.

    In the meantime, I will happily continue reading your work and considering my own reactions. Thank you for all you share with us!

  15. We seldom can know what ardour motivates a public participation, much less a private one, in a train of thought we expose online; and while on their face these comments of sympathy offer correction, the spectacle of most of them leaves a sorrily ambiguous residue of mere indignation. I have come to infer that the culprit is not in our respective souls but in conflicts embodied in our reticence to engage, in which the first victim is simple confidence. The moral impulses of contribution, the sine qua non of a venue of trust, are seriously to be mourned in their absence, rather than accepted as permission merely to expose and punish. This of course is for none of us to do.

    I am always amazed by the constructiveness of manners.

  16. Someone's not taking their medication...

  17. thanks to all for girding my loins(I love that expression) No less than 2 add'l emails-suggesting I do a post on Hitler's human skin lampshades, and putting me on notice that I will be contacted by her lawyer.I am grateful to my own very good attorney, I've several.

    1. Gaye, I agree with Penelope you may have attracted the attention of an unstable and possibly dangerous person and I see her continued correspondence as a bit threatening. You might want to inform the FBI.

  18. Where do people get the energy to be such BUTTHEADS!

  19. So strange that she has become the ultimate in political correctness while shunning the other virtues of the subject at hand. She's like those people who say things like..."Well, he was instrumental in the foundation of our country and virtually kept it together and selflessly served, but you know George Washington kept slaves." Dreadful, single-minded people who cannot see the past in relation to its moment in time. I've stopped having arguments with creationists as well. It's alot more than just an alternative opinion, but there are more of these people in the world than I care to admit! These people are also normally quite ignorant of these sorts of "truths" in our own time.

  20. There's a direct line from Stella Tennant to Hitler? Really"
    I go away for a few weeks and all hell breaks loose.
    Trust me, it's not worth your time.
    Don't change a thing.

  21. Lets all try to be wise about tolerance, rather than hypocritical. Its not as easy as it sounds.



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