08 June 2013

Last Rites

 “I’m begging you...help me” Treyvon Martin

 Picasso, Study for Guernica



  1. Heartbreaking. I have lost a 22 year old son. I have some idea of how his family is feeling. Rest in Peace, dear child. And may your family find strength through their faith.

  2. I hear you. I hear him.

    A complete tragedy .

    Who the heck knows? There are crazy people!

    You be careful! Kay???



  3. When will all of this senseless violence, hate, fear, discrimination..........turn to love, to compassion, to the knowledge that all is one?
    I lived in Bilbao shortly after the death of Franco.....years and years of hatred of bother took more than another 20 years to even begin to heal.

  4. A disturbing provocation in the most salutary sense, this seemingly asymmetrical simile. For such a structure to work, it needs at least 3 points of resemblance. Mulling it over, I stopped counting at 15. I don't enjoy spelling such things out at my page and I think it would be showy to do so here; but if some idiot comes forward to deny this argument, that would change everything - apart from proving the case, that is.



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