05 July 2013

dutch treat


"Pennsylvania Dutch" quilted dress with gingham floral appliques designed by Adrian, 1947.



  1. Gaye, really unique design, beautifully created. I would love to see this modeled!

    2013 Design Series!

  2. This must have been the first "fashion jumpsuit"!! YES!! (miners and farmers and other workers wore them... That was the genius (part of it) of Adrian!

    He saw the "workclothes........and turned the idea into high fashion!) In my opinion......he was one of the most stellar designers if the mid-twentieth century! How about the "pot" on the top with the plant coming out! (I copied that on our front door.....(but not from him!!)

    If I were a bit younger; I would just "Pop into this jumpsuit " (YIKES!! JUMPSUIT!!!???) on; and show up at a party tomorrow afternoon!! And I would be the "HIT!!!)
    This designer was a complete genius! He designed this the year I was born! YUIKES!!! Good God! 66 years ago!?! And I would wear it tomorrow!!!

    How lucky am I to have the top of his pet monkey's "cage"! (Apparently; word has it; the monkey spent very little time in it's cage!)

    Adrian and his beautiful wife took "it everywhere in the house.......It was a dramatic addition to every party (several a week!) Quite a brilliant dramatic addition!
    Is there anyone alive who has this sense of drama??

    Hutton Wilkinson! Just ONE!!

    He and Ruthie will soon be getting a monkey! (of course; it will be very fond of the two doggies!)

    Hutton Wilkinson.......the heir to Tony Duquette! Thank God there is one dramatist......who makes it all exciting!

    Beige threatens to take over the world........EWWWWWWW!!!!! BEIGE!!!!!!! EWWW!


    Brilliant post! (actually; as always...) Thank you!!


  3. This is charming! And sophisticated at the same time.

  4. The Swan is correct (as usual). Dreams are made of this stuff.

    With gratitude continuing & love-



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