12 July 2013

the rest of the story...

what lies beneath, or in this case over and under and on top.

"Caraco" (Jacket), ca 1780. from the Mint Museum, Charlotte

from my box of crayon petticoats emerged a question or two about the exquisite nature of the quilting work on them-the use of them-besides keeping out the drafts-and since my eye has been drawn to them lately-may I just say...there is more than meets the eye.

A brocaded silk robe a l' Anglaise with quilted silk petticoat, the silk probably Spitalfields, 1730's, the construction 1770s, 
of brilliant yellow figurative silk brocaded with trees in a landscape, from Kerry Taylor Auctions

A Distinguished Society on a Terrace – Jan Joseph Horemans 

Jacket, petticoat, and pocket, early 18th century. from the Nordiska Museet

mid 18th century, quilted petticoat

from the Met, late 18th century, quilted linen petticoat of chintz

petticoat, mid 18th century
this color is the one that got a way in my last post-playing a definite role in my redo

Gown with Quilting, mid 18th century

if you missed my new box of crayons take a look here



  1. Perfect tie in too Adrian Quilted gown...sensibility revealed!

  2. The quilting is marvelous, isn't it? Love the designs.

  3. Obsessed.

    I used to dream of set decoration and costume design- seemed like the perfect occupation. We could've paired up for that, I imagine. What fun, yes?



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