14 July 2013

where he lived


Rowan Oak
the home of novelist William Faulkner, 
in Garden & Gun, here

in the pink, Faulkner at left, with Grover Van Devender at Farmington Hunt Club, Charlottesville, VA, 1960. 
(Photograph by George Barkley,the Faulkner Papers Photograph Collection, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library)

office with bed
 the plot of The Fable lines the walls of the room preserved with shellac

a smoke & stretch
outside Rowan Oak

photograph by Henri Cartier Bresson, 1947.



  1. Miraculous writer. At last the rowan berry (along with dandelion, and bog myrtle and heather) is distilled into a handcrafted Scottish gin he would certainly appreciate; a descendant of his is a winegrower in the Virginia piedmont, and his spitting image, too -- up with whom G&G is bound to catch, eventually.

  2. I love this post. I keep a little rented carriage house in Oxford and y morning walks when I am there always include a stroll around Rowan Oak!

    1. Marsha, would love to make a pilgrimage some day.next time send pics. pgt

    2. Enviable Marsha! A carriage house in the same town as Square Books. PGT, you must get down there.

    3. I am headed to Oxford soon to finish up my daughter's room so will plan a post from Rowan Oak! Come visit anytime~

  3. Wow!! That is all I can say! (I love the Jack Russels!!) What a shot! YIKES!!!

  4. Fabulous images but brings back tortured high school memories of trying to get through The Sound and the Fury - I had more success with other novels and the short stories. Lucky Marsha!

  5. With the money he was advanced for THE REIVERS, which went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1962, he made a few improvements to Rowan Oak. The house is restored to this date, including mounted-in-the-windows air-conditioners.



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