13 August 2013

girls of Summer

 Slim and Babe, 1953 taking a break ashore. The pair spent four weeks of their summer on board Alexander Korda's rebuilt antisubmarine boat cruising the Mediterranean.

Note- the pearls-white handbags-and the sensible shoes.



  1. Actually; it gets no better than this! My purring cat on my lap; and pics of two fashion icons on my screen!!!

    I love how they look! So fun to see what these icons wore aboard a "boat"!

    Do you think they had "stockings" on? I do! (the kind that had those garter things.......with the fasteners....before "panty hose"!

    (Thank the Lord I was a boomer with panty-hose!!!)

    so chic and so fun to see!

    Thank you!!!

    Your blog just expands my universe every single post! No one has ever seen these pics!

    (and if you have; please be polite and don't tell us!)


  2. Oh! me again!

    How about Slim's shoes? What the??

    Her daughter "Kitty Hayward" (when in my class at Westlake....1956 ; is now, "Kitty Hawkes" a decorator in New York City!

    Her "real father" was Howard Hawkes" sp? ; her mother, Slim; changed Kitty's name to Hayward because that was her new husband. 4th grade at Westlake School!



    I want to know about Slim's shoes! So cool!!!

    1. Yes, Slim's shoes caught my eye indeed! and I love Kitty Hawkes design work. Now about those shoes-honestly look exactly like the sensible summer "sandal" my grandmother wore-almost like a bedroom slide. I know You know what I'm talking about! pgt



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