25 August 2013


SHE were Madeline Castaing.

the more mature Castaing- noted for her wig with a visible chin strap-helping gravity along.

photograph of Kate Mosee by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for W Magazine, March 2013
read about M.Castaing here



  1. That's what I need. A chin strap to hold up those wattles. Maybe wear it under one of those new fuzzy Chanel helmet/hats.

    1. yes, well don't we all start needing a little help? be creative-and fabulous! pgt

  2. JOHNNY DEPP IS still trying to get her image out of his head and heart - NOW this one will haunt him FOREVER! Stunning and ICONIC for generations to come the photo by Mert and Marcus...Award PLEASE! Those colors, the eyerliner and well, La Castaing is another piece altogether...COURAGEOUS comes to mind! YOU are as well!!!

    Poor Johnny, Oh Johnny...

    1. She does get better with age. I do love the photograph. pgt

  3. I remember her last book by Emily E E. Madeleine was an amazing woman!!

    Feature: Artist Anne Harwell

  4. I've added a link to the text-Mitch Owens' great piece about MC and the sale of Leves and the contents. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/09/23/fashion/23SOTH.html?pagewanted=2&_r=1&

  5. long sleeves and gloves are a very good idea! Colorful gloves another great idea!

    I thank the Lord every day (almost every day; that I got to meet her! (did I tell you this already?? delete if so!)

    \My husband and three girls when I was on my quest to find "madelaine Castaing" (the shop) were with me!

    Ahoy! There it way! And right across the street was a shop that had Indian (or perhaps Indonesian) pareos and exotic things from Indonesia! They were in their teens.......they were completely occupied when I went through this iconic shop........with the icon herself! She took me through it! (I honestly never did anything to deserve this.........)

    She was charming. (she locked the door when she decided to take me through.....people knocked.......she ignored them)

    She had that chin-strap on.......her eyelashes kind of penciled in; the wig holding things up via the chin-strap! "Her eyes were as bright as buttons"; and she was full of stories about every single thing in her shop! I asked about the "carpet"! She had a story! (the holly berry carpet and the leopard !! I was kind of in shock; so I don't remember as much as I should!

    The message to me was this: "as a decorator; be yourself! Beauty is everywhere.....and so is ugliness" You make sure your "people" get the beauty!

    the reason these rugs are so good is because they are like nature! No one sees anything on "holly on the floor"!

    She was really very nice to me for quite a while.........30 minutes or so.......and then she said....."I have given you enough time!!"!

    This was 1982 or 1983!!

    Her showroom was a series of rooms; set up as rooms!

    Thank God for my photographic memory! And thank God most of all for your BOOK!!! It is all there!! AND I got to meet you!!





  6. I absolutely love this! I am somewhat obsessed with MC and wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that we share initials. I have often coveted the footstool with our cipher on it! Thanks for the link to the NYT article, enjoyed it so much!

    1. That footstool is something-I love her wit-within her rooms. I agree with the Swan, she was courageous!

  7. I am immaculately oblivious to what this could possibly be about. I've heard of Depp and I think I recognize NYT, but I've never found either of them to be of so little help. In its way, this may be the perfect blogpost, so of course my envy is without limit. :)

    1. L. I completely self indulged on this one for my own amusement, I've had this photograph of Kate Moss for a while and as soon as I saw it I thought of the great eccentric decorator-Madeline Castaing-who as she "matured" wore a wig and kept it secure with a chin strap (faintly visible in the foto). It was amusing-a least to me! thanks for trying to understand, pgt



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