28 August 2013

Scheerer, Simple but Never Plain


I've never met Tom Scheerer but I have his new book-and I bet if I met him, I'd then tell you, he's laid back-but an absolute gentleman-like his decorating. Today, there's something quite unique rooted in the idea that a room can be pretty-and chic-and simple.
Simply beautiful.

Scheerer's approach to a young teenage girl's room is clearly sophisticated and smart.

His new book will get you thinking- Edit.
How can I edit my rooms to read a little more clearly? The tablescape with a lot of this and that-clear it off and start with your favorite pieces and stop. My tables get cluttered at times-and I have to Edit. I always feel better after I've Edited.

Tom Scheerer has collaborated with writer Mimi Read on his new book Tom Scheerer Decorates. Its pages come across as smart- serious-and sincere. Yes, sincere. There is direction-and meaning to Scheerer's rooms. One can see a finely balanced point of view, with nods to Billy Baldwin, but centered in the moment, thoroughly today.

Scheerer Signatures

Scheerer relies on Lyford Trellis by China Seas in a number of his rooms-his own design created for the Lyford Cay Club-Bahamas.  
It's an absolute classic-though the paper takes on a modern edge wherever Scheerer uses it.

One of my favorite Sheerer signatures is his use of  pattern -I especially love it on furniture...
I want to do this-it's so smart & fresh, what a way to add softness to a room without fuss.

Floating bookcases are no nonsense-yet sculptural.

Style is a word that comes to mind when looking through the pages of Scheerer's book. 
This room with 18 foot ceilings is the very best-I can't imagine standing in it and not thinking-Style. 
Scheerer Style.

This book is a keeper-when you finish reading it-I think you'll be going back to it again and again for refresher courses- and for a fresh take on what decorating can be in the hands of a Classicist like Tom Scheerer-plain and simply-Beautiful .

Available September 3rd, here

thank you to Vendome Press for the advance copy of Tom Scheerer Decorates, with Mimi Read and photographs by Francesco Lagnese, and for the use of photographs from the book with permission.



  1. Thanks for this good recommendation — I'll be looking for Tom Scheerer's book . . .

  2. Gaye I am very excited to read Tom's book. It is on its way to me.
    I do love his style, and as you said I, myself always feel better after editing!
    One way he does it by using such beautiful focal points in his rooms.

    Feature: “Love Where You Live”



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