27 November 2013

In Remembrance

Emily Dickinson referred to it as the hour of lead.
This autumn has been shrouded in that kind of grieving.
My family lost one of its own- twenty seven years in our society-then gone.

Loving-and Beloved, life's partner-brother-son-uncle, we called by name as Jon.

On such a day as this- of family, of giving thanks, of gathering together-to remember him is fitting.

Another chair is empty this year at our table.
A place is set that it will go unused.

Gathering together as we love to do-none loved it more than Jon.
He loved the cooking-and He loved  serving it beautifully-and He did it with great Joy.
It was his gift-and It was bounteous.

These delicates he heap'd with glowing had
On golen dishes and in baskets bright
Of wreathed silver: sumptuous they stand
In the retired quiet of the night,
Filling the chilly room with perfume light. ~John Keats



  1. HIS spirit will ALWAYS fill your Holidays...and if you wince in the Golden Light, he'll be smiling back at you and YOURS! Sending lots of Love and Light to you Dear Gaye and to your brother who needs it most!

  2. So beautiful. The year after my grandfather died they set his place also. This was before I was born but I have a photograph of them at table with heads bowed and the empty seat. My thoughts are with you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. So very sorry for your loss...hope there will be comfort as well as grief remembering him and his specialness.


  4. My only sibling.....and last of my immediate family; and one of my favorite humans in in intensive care after a stroke and a "bleed" in Connecticut.
    I have hope he will survive and be OK.
    I love the idea of the place at the table. Never heard that. The South has such beautiful traditions.

    Dearest Gaye!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. My condolences and sympathy to you and your family. Reggie

  6. Dear Gaye,
    I am so very sorry to hear of your loss.
    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


  7. My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family.


  8. Dear Gaye, Sending prayers and love to your family.

  9. Jon always loved thanksgiving and his dishes and I remember he always helped make it a feast, like the Tom Waits post you sent me, he helped make it a time of abundance where I was sure it was not quantity but a cornucopia of quality

  10. i'm sorry for your loss. blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

  11. so sad to hear of your loss.


    and downcast eyes.

    may the suffering be short and the memories long.


  12. Dearest Gaye, I am so, sorry for your loss.
    My condolences to you and your family.

  13. I would not touch upon the weight you bear, so gently understated by Miss Dickinson; but on the light you diffuse in this portrait, to share more than sweet constraints of a specific love, I'd say, you capture our obeisance to a constant, treasured part of its great gift. Brave posting, to convene so many.

  14. gaye, how much this said on the day you posted it, and beyond. please know heart-prayers-love-blessings are with all of you. please also know that your vision of all makes such a difference in this life. with utter gratitude. with prayers, again & always. v



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