01 December 2013

all is calm...

"Be comforted, little dog, thou too in the Resurrection shalt have a tail of gold." 
-Martin Luther

Wills & Sophie the day after Thanksgiving



  1. I didn't know you had Cavaliers...they are so scrumptious! I had 2, both Blenheims which lived to be 13 and 15 respectively. Sadly a few words written cannot convey the Soulfulness of their Beauty and the Gift of Love they gave our lives daily.

    1. These are my brother's babies. Wills is the Blenheim, and I call him Pretty Boy-he is 8. Sophie is a rescue- and 7, though her past life has taken its toll on her. She is a teddy bear. My Zetta-is alas a brazen gypsy breed, and how I love her the more for it! PGT

  2. To both of you! My daughter (named after my mother, Ella) has two Cavaliers! Ella's daughter, Penelope (called Poppy) has one....red and white......named "Digby"! Ella's son (called Tommy after 75 Thomases....(or something) has a tri-colored little girl called Tallulah! (Talley)!

    They are just adorable......they are just not "dogs"! I adore them!

    We have three rescue mongrels.....(all Corgi mixes..from all over the country!!!) two out of three had to picked up at the airport!!)

    When the UPS guy comes.......they charge the door.......he thinks they are Rotweillers....it is so rude.

    When I visited Ella and Scott at their house in Aspen......Digby was lying on a bench in the front hall. There us a full glass door....surrounded on three sides by "sidelights" (windows) and another above the door!!

    A completely strange man came......rang the doorbell 7 feet away from Digby....(the Cavalier......)!!!

    He never raised his head! Let alone, barked. He did not lift his chin off the bench!!

    I adore them...I admire them.......I just cannot call them "dogs"! And they don't mind!



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