31 December 2013

in Celebration

& Remembrance.

December 31st marks the anniversary of this endeavor I call little augury.

It has had its rewards and burdens this year-as any commitment does from time to time. Since that last day of 2008, little augury has been challenging me, and oft times, my readers. It was established as a way of continuing a conversation with my friend and mentor of sorts Sanford-and yes, he always challenged me as we worked on design projects-and in my thinking. For the most part we agreed-but there were times when, rather than expecting to change my mind-he offered up a different way of thinking & this is what I cherished most about our friendship.This is a gift I hope to return to my readers. There are times when I know we part company-agree to disagree, but I cherish your reading my words.

As the Sixth year of little augury begins, I am thinking "In with the OLD." You may remark-But you are always thinking In with the OLD.
It's True. little augury believes in the past and its goodness-perhaps more so than what's of the moment. But aren't those things grounded in a good sousing of the old?
We will see.

 For the month of January I will be sharing the OLD things I love-along with a few sidebars-it wouldn't be little augury if there weren't a few sidebars, No?

Best of the New Year to YOU, with Gratitude, Gaye

painting & detail of Lorenzo & Isabella by J E Millais


  1. Replies
    1. I've always Loved OLD-some of my best friends since I was a child were Older people. Hope I am lucky enough to have some very young friends as I get older. This was one of the secrets to my grandmother's long Life-she lived to be 107! Happy New Year Jane! pgt

  2. If it were out with the old, well, you'd be grooming me away. Love the art, the creativity, a new thought, point of view. Thank you for expanding my world. Best of health and joy to you.

  3. Dear Gaye

    A very Happy Anniversary. Happy New year and yes, In with the Old...
    Looking forward to a new year.

  4. Hello Gaye, Congratulations on five years of your thought-provoking posts. I certainly am looking forward to your 'In With the Old' series--you are speaking my language.

    Have a great New Year,

  5. Thank you for wonderful, thoughtful posts, beautifully illustrated.

    There are details I love in this painting, the hounds (whippets? too large for Italian greyhounds, too small for proper greyhounds), and the ghostly foot of the server.

    History is fascinating. And not just history as taught, but also as seen in context of writings, art of all sorts, objects and what they say and what is NOT said. Being challenged is spice for the brain!

  6. You speak from the heart but with discretion. I consider what you hold back, curious yet respectful and look forward to what each of your posts will choose to reveal, intellectually or personally. Your posts always bring pleasure, thank you! Wishing you a rewarding, safe and healthy New Year!

  7. Everyday with Gaye.
    Your blog inspires and informs me daily.
    Thanks for taking us all on your journey.
    Follow mine at www.montanaroue.com

  8. 107! Yikes! I hope you live that long! I am older than you; and I am looking forward to many years with your blog! If everyone who enjoys it writes a comment now and then; I am hoping you will continue!
    I ADORE your blog!
    And YOU!!

    Happy New Year......and thank you forever for your efforts!!


  9. Hi Gaye. I'm wondering just exactly is up your sleeve??
    Bravo 2014!
    xoxox Mary

  10. A very happy new year to you!

  11. Thank you Gaye for Little Augury, a gift with each post , full of inspiration and beauty and greatly appreciated.. Xxxx Howard



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