29 December 2013

Mrs. Delany celebrates the Season


 Ilex Aquifolium

Dianthus Caryophyllus

Narcissus Papyraceus

Viscum Album

Magnolia Grandiflora

Amaryllis Sarniensis


  1. Hi Gaye, Mrs. Delany was an amazing babe! I doubt if she will ever be equaled.

    1. Mary, and I love the fact that she "found herself" later in Life! pgt

  2. Oh dear LORD!!!

    "Mrs. Delany" conjured up Sybil Connelly in my mind! Yikes! And I met her! and my Mother knew her...and of course one of my favorite stories of my whole life is about Sybil Connolly! Off to blog I go!
    Of course; Sybil Connolly's beautiful china she designed for Tiffany's would not have been possible without Mrs. Delany's beautiful botanicals!! How divine you show them!

    Mrs. Connolly's great gift (and I think she was a tremendous gift to her country) was to "rescue" the beautiful "crafts" of Ireland!
    She did so by using the linens and lace in fashion design (in the beginning of her design life); (omilord you will die when I show the things I have....my mother bought in Dublin in 1962!!!) Then, with her foray into china design (Mrs. Delaney; fabric design, ditto!) and crystal design....for Tiffany's!!
    I needed a good kick!!!!
    To blogging I will go!!


    1. Can't wait to read the story-glad to get your blogging juices flowing. I love the Idea of another Mrs Delany craze, I say Why Not!!!

  3. Ah, the sheer brilliance and artistry of Mrs Delany--so deceptively simple, so timelessly chic.
    Thanks for this reminder of her genius.

    1. Toby- so true, we often forgo that simple thing for the more opulent-and that's to say Any Mrs. Delany would be right at home in say the D'ornano rooms.Thank you for visiting-hope you enjoy the New Year of stories ahead. pgt

  4. Replies
    1. Linnea, and the same to you-Little Augury has an anniversary NYE. pgt

  5. It's marvelous to see these images of Delany's collages! THE PAPER GARDEN: MRS. DELANY BEGINS HER LIFE'S WORK AT 72 is available in paperback and e-book format with images and Mary Delany's remarkable story from Bloomsbury Books on Amazon.com. It was a joy to write the book, and a joy to see Mrs. D. has so many fans.



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