11 January 2014

Dear Carson,

Or rather- shall I say Mr. Carson.

While it's true we've not been formally introduced- I must speak. I feel something growing between us that can not be stymied by mere formalities. Silly Me, I know there can be nothing more important to you dear Mr. Carson than proprieties- forgive Me speaking, but if you must know- I am a decorator.
No, No, please don't turn away. 
I write only to tell you of my admiration, nay, deep admiration for your rightful concerns about the tapestries at Downton.

 I know it's all about Lady Mary there at the Abbey right now, and it's very sad and all-but well, she has been left extremely flush. I couldn't help but notice how she perked right up after discovering that Matthew, may he rest in peace, left her a very rich woman and with great power at Downton. Your concern for Mary (Lady Mary that is) was heartfelt indeed-I have no doubt-but that was a bit out of your purview Carson my love. She was right to set you on your heels. There are other more pressing concerns remember?  Think about the Upholsterers and the Tapestries, and those wicked wicked hammers and horrible horrible tacks-that should put Lady Mary's trifling problems in perspective for you .

It's all well and good that Mrs. Hughes feels she can handle the Upholsterers-but in complete candor- I can just imagine the scoffing she would get from those particular "gentlemen." Mrs. Hughes, harumph, she will never understand you darling. Never be blind to her scheming, you must promise me.

Trust Me in all things and you are absolutely right to Never Trust an Upholsterer. All my sympathies are with you and the Tapestries-of course. Why I could hardly concentrate on Edith's London love nest for my worrying.

So-It seems all is swell with Lady Mary now-but my question is... My Darling Man-What about the Tapestries?

image detail from the tapestries at Highclere Castle, the real Downton Abbey, here


  1. LOVE your Love Letter to Carson...as a woman, you know ALL Craftmen seem to think best to speak to another man! Poor Mrs. Hughes...she may not find it so easy dealing with the upholsterer AFTER ALL...perhaps this is what Lady Mendl encountered here in Beverly Hills when she named her last home in the USA.

  2. Indeed, poor Mrs. Hughes. Thank goodness my upholsterer loves me. Thanks for the link to Highclere Castle. Truly an amazing way to live.



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