12 January 2014

well dressed, a word from the men...


 “Style is primarily a matter of instinct.”

 Bill Blass

in recent social media mass communications-two missives stood out.

a tweet from @ADaesthete, yes that An Aesthete's Lament to you, and Mitchell Owens to Architectural Digest: who wrote- "Where are the Daisy Felloweses of today?" (I replied-there are none.) &, a blog post from Mark D. Sikes with Golden Globe Predictions, he gets as obsessed with fashion as I do at times-both led me to ponder this-

Are women likely to be really stylish- I mean Really (another post to come on my sad lack of vocabulary...) stylish and truly Chic (another post to come on overworked words) in borrowed clothes?

Not to say I wouldn't be thrilled with a call from say-Valentino, or Oscar, or Carolina, or better still Rochas, Dries, Rucci, or Vionnet (do they ever call anyone?). Since that will not (ever) happen-I would be content to wear my grey Vionnet sweater and some pretty skirt a la Carolina Herrera that I do not own-but should-and will be sorry I don't- if ever asked to the Globe to do (who am I kidding?)

 Let's also add the disclaimer, Cate Blanchett would look stylish and chic in a wet blanket-but it's her face-and not her clothes that makes her so very chicly stylishly well turned out.

(photograph by Annie Leibowitz)

The stars will undoubtedly be dressed well by dozens of labels-but- I don't think they will ever have that certain something Amy Fine Collins has-or Marina Rust has-or Farida Khelfa has- or Caroline De Maigret has-or Marpessa Hennink has. Women that wear their clothes and in all likelihood actually buy them. Women that feel confident and unfussy-and at home-on the red carpet- in their own clothes.

photographs are from zimbio and  include two of the most stylish women: at far left,Marisa Berenson, and on the far right, Farida Khelfa as they attend the 'Nebraska' premiere in Cannes May 23, 2013.
Proof positive about standing out and then just being outstanding...


  1. I know this may sound a little silly. But stylish is as stylish does. I feel great in a black cashmere turtle neck and black or tweed pants and real pearls (the big ones) anywhere....I simply don't worry about it any more and simple is always chic.

    1. I agree- Just look at the divine Marisa Berenson. Appears effortless.

  2. I miss Aesthete's Lament so much. Is he ever coming back?

    1. Mary-you can find him at AD now-he does posts there-and of course if you tweet? Doesn't that sound ridiculous-there must be a better way to communicate! pgt

  3. The MOST STYLISH AND WICKED WOMAN IN FASHION...words spoken by Lagerfeld for Harpers Bazaar to define La Daisy. THE Daisy of the yacht, Sister Anne who could with one look cause you to jump overboard after hurling you a dismissive zinger from her mouth, the same one who employed plastic surgery to gain a more SLEEK profile, one far and away from her birth. Cartier created a few of its most famous pieces for her, infused like jumbled jujubees of colorful stones evoking the Worlds of India and Avian Beauty.

    Madonna...in my opinion, comes pretty close to this picture of a Wicked Fine Feathered Fashionista...a LITTLE plastique, a LOT of Sarcasm, LOADS of iconic Jewels and ALL fashion fiends tumbling over themselves to create for her. As with all, moderation does come with AGE, as it did with Daisy, somehow seeing the images of some of the most beautiful women of the 60s and 70s...overboard would've been the directive on The Sister Anne...painful to ponder for what happened to growing older GRACEFULLY.



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