16 January 2014

more on winter

& what I'm wearing Now.

Louise Bourgeois, Head on Fire

I woke up this morning to a cool house-65 degrees upstairs, and a respectable 67 downstairs. I love winter, and too-what little dab autumn chooses to lend in the name of cooler weather. While others long for travel to warmer climes-that would never suit me.
I have an intolerance to Heat- and besides that, I just hate hot weather.
When cooler weather shows up -I immediately breathe a sigh-of relief. This morning there was a sprinkling of snow covering everything. I'll need to go to the P.O. and to the workroom.

And what do the fashionably heat intolerant wear while working at home-and running about town?
I find myself more and more drawn to what I like to call the Eustean Look.
You see, Eustean, Tean-for short, was my Great Aunt-and while as a child I didn't grasp it-Eustean was an eccentric. Today I can see it and say with pride-what an inheritance, and one I hadn't known I would reap the reward of...

 Other inspirations: Rose Cumming, Sarah Bernhardt, and Suzy Menkes for the hair. I'm growing out
 my bangs-I think-and this morning I woke up with the clip having ruched up my hair a la Menkes.

Indoors or out- running errands you might find me in a thought provoking T-shirt, a caftan-and any sort of flannel raiment-some of it-or all of it. Layers, it all works together.

I keep a big old camel hair Perry Ellis by the back door that I throw on to air out Zetta-the dog- it's much like a blanket & I've loved it for many years. Along side that, a grey-a black-and a paisley wrap-shawl thing that can pair well with the caftans & flannel. Also easy to wear as a wrap-a kantha quilt. A couple of choices from my father's Harris Tweed hats round off the look. Viola! Eustean Style. She was great at mixing high-low, man-woman, yin-yang- and didn't even know it.

(my favorite place for the tee shirts, Worn Free-Music-Myth-and the work of artist John Van Hamesveld. These shirts are addictive, wardrobe count topping out at a baker's dozen, Caftans at Irving and Fine, and J.Peterman and Pendleton, everywhere fine clothing is sold...)


  1. I share your heat-intolerance and relish your winter fashion sense. Looking forward to more, Leslie in Portland, Oregon

    1. Leslie, you should be cooling off by now in Portland, we are having snow today. pgt

  2. I hate hot weather. And I'm mostly cashmere in winter....easy and always perfect. Except we haven't had any winter yet--84* today.

    1. Mary, when I am working there is nothing better than layers-cashmere always lightens the load. pgt

  3. I understand growing out the bangs. I'm in the process and many a morning I doubt the wisdom of my decision. But then I walk away from the mirror. Good luck!

    1. Linda, I get up-and I always have regrets and doubts! pgt

  4. Gaye I can picture you taking Zetta out in the blustery cold! Love J Peterman!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. My, you do dress up when you go out. So chic. My farm wardrobe - sweats. Love the errand style. I went out this summer with my dress on inside out.

    1. hi Donna, I thought you of all my readers might id!!! why yes-it is the errand style. like it. pgt



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