22 January 2014

my little JAR

.I just received it today.

and it's a jewel of a book. diminutive-but with exquisitely detailed photography, JEWELS by JAR is part of the Met's exhibition of Jewels by the legendary jeweler-artist Joel A. Rosenthal, JAR

photographed on the midnight laid pages-JAR's Jewels are untethered from their worldly owners-to float as they should- in space-with space, infinitely as beautiful as their ancestors-the Camellia, the Butterfly.

the JEWELS are kept in a little black book a diminutive eight inches square & it is all fitted into a pink JAR slipcase.

in Harper's Bazaar September 2013 issue-the equally as exquisite Stella Tennant wears her JAR willow leaved earrings-

 "The ones that I fell for hook, line, and sinker were the willow-leaved earrings of chrysoberyls and diamonds. There is no front or back, no part that hasn't been given the same attention to detail. The inside of the clasp is diamond-encrusted. It may help grip the lobe, but that's not the point"-ST from Harper's Bazaar, Sept 2013.

 I'll never have my own JAR Jewel-but I've got the book-and that's really quite something.

all the images-other than my own-top two, and the photograph of Stella Tennant are from the book- JAR JEWELS, printed for the Exhibition of the same name at the Met.


  1. Beautiful pieces! You can often find great costume jewelry at estate sales. Please come and visit me on my blog as well http://www.enzieshahmiri.com/blog


  2. I'm thinking that possibly a diamond-encrusted clasp, even where penetration is sometimes adopted, would carry the concept of care-worn to contradictory heights. D'you suppose it would be cheating, to fashion a little sleeve for this chic vise? That aside, I'm certainly with you all the way in the willows.



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