26 January 2014

the Honourable GREY


"Though grey hairs may be "honourable" enough they unfortunately place their owners frequently at a disadvantage, and especially is this the case in the business and professional world." from The Lady. Hair Staining Is An Art. 30th November, 1916

So they say, circa 1916-
but way back- in the day
there was nothing more fashionable.
then again Isabella of Parma was decidedly not of the business world.

today Going Grey is shifting-we're seeing more of it-and it's for certain I am
going that way-

 capitalizing on Grey, going all the way.
   Isabella Borbone Parma

 Archduchess of Austria painted by Anton Raphael Mengs

 Next-I'm going for the diamond girandole earrings.

the girandole design reached new heights during the 17th and 18th century. Isabelle's sparklers were probably made of diamonds- and set in silver-topped gold.



  1. Young with powdered grey hair gorgeous ....mine is awful hence I am now a blonde ...sort of ]

  2. The benefits of being blonde, I guess.
    My greys look like highlighting. Sigh.

  3. Got the hair, need the earrings!

  4. I could go gray, but I keep fighting it. My natural color is dark brown, now blond because of all the gray. It does seem silly to dye it, but I soldier on. One day.

  5. Ladies, Yes, to all that-except Pamela. I am a natural brunette and just don't feel good with light-blondish hair. I've gone that route for a good 7 years. Going lighter-darker-but when an all over color is done is looks heavy and false-never the way of nature. each year I vow to Let Go-and Let Grey. This may be the year. well keep you posted!

  6. I have dark brown hair with a silver streak at the temple. Now gray colors are appearing elsewhere.Using "silver" hair products makes a big difference for clarity of color and shine.

    1. JW-I am right there with you especially at the temple-and right on the crown -I am thinking of going streaky. pgt



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