20 March 2014

a perfect gentleman


I hardly think of  REMUS that I don't think of my beloved dog MOSES. You see, Moses raised Remus from a 5 month old kitten to be a great dog-and a real pussycat. MOSES was the anointed one, Remus his willing acolyte. Chosen for his beauty-and his obviously being a momma's boy, Remus entered the old house on White Oak Road as a youngster- to be tamed-to be mastered, and Moses took on that tutelage. Other than providing Remus sustenance I was little needed- he was Moses' cat.  

Yes, too- there was his coat-black and white like Moses', and they did take on certain Siamese twin-like characteristics.
Guarding the house-check.
Rushing to the door when the bell rang-check.
Settling in on the sofa at night to watch tv-check.
Following me down to the office at night- check.
Going out to... nope-Remus had to stay inside during Moses morning constitutionals-and his late night sorties into the deepest reaches of the courtyard, but Remus waited at the door for him-hind quarters in quick retreat as Moses shot back into the house...They were gone.

In the autumn of 2008, Remus sat with me on the bed waiting for our vet-Dr. E to euthanize Moses. Did they both know? If they did, they accepted it. Animals do that. Whether abused or indulged-they accept what their masters dole out. Moses was ready. As Moses quietly left me-Remus left me too. Moses was gone-and Remus jumped off the bed as soon as Moses breathed his last. He mourned. I know he did as did I, yet it was never the same for either of us-there was a small gap-a hole in our hearts-that we could not-did not bridge. We did the same things-but with less Joy.

Another dog-Zetta-appeared on the scene, but it was never the same for Remus. Not even close. Remus tried to embrace her-but she wasn't that into cats-and it was only after Zetta dozed off-that Remus could slip in alongside her.

The past two weeks Remus has been sick-withdrawing from his daily rituals and family life. He was ready. I gathered him up in a towel-his shroud- as he cried faintly-weakly-but trusting. He accepted.
Off to feel no pain-finally able to slip outside beyond the safety of home and follow Moses. I know he was waiting.

Rest In Peace-Little RE- you were a perfect gentleman to the end.


  1. Dearest Lady Gaye...I'm heartbroken, not for Remus but for you...as the "Heart has its Reasons", but still WE are left feeling confused by the pain, loss and quietude of being unable to hold, kiss and look into THOSE eyes that look back with unconditional LOVE! As Moses was led to the land of Honey...but for he once doubted the Mystery of the Universe he couldn't enter so his brother Aaron was chosen to lead onward as the 1st High Priest - so little Remus stayed behind to make sure YOUR heart was safe in the Eyes Of another, Zetta's...Remus, the Heirophant! Bless all the Animals, Bless all those who care for the as Equals.

    1. Bless all who care for Animals as Equals. When we help our beloved little ones who cannot speak to cross the threshold of illness and pain from this Dimension into another form of Energy, we are lauded for being HUMANE...but WE as Humans are not allowed this Gift. Perhaps soon Man will realize that WE deserve Universal Rights as ALL Living Creatures notwithstanding ones religious beliefs...thus allowing one to exit with Dignity all the while sparing those closest the horror of watching helpless as one fades.

    2. This is certainly the present trial in the attainment of human rights.

  2. Our dear four legged furry friends let us know when it is time for them to say goodbye, when they have had enough, and have lost the will to live. We see it, they know it, and we weep genuine tears of loss and gratitude in their undying, stallwart love. My sympathy to you, and condolences in your loss of a beloved friend. Reggie

  3. Oh, Gaye. My heart breaks for you. Being a cat and dog person and knowing the love that they give without end, I can only glimpse at the empty spot in your heart. Love--if only we knew how to give it as perfectly as these sweet lovers.
    Grieve well--prayers and hugs. Mary

  4. My strongest condolences to you on the passing of Remus and, in 2008, Moses. Thank you for sharing with us the story of their wonderful bond. They clearly had the best of lives with each other and you. And you knew when to let, indeed help, each of them go on. Blessings and grace to you, Leslie in Portland, Oregon

  5. I am so sorry for losing your sweet kitty! Just know that we share your grief and will be praying for you!

  6. I am so very sorry for the loss of both of your wonderful companions, Moses and Remus. You have shared their personalities and secret worlds so well here. They are a joy to us while with us, and long after they are gone we remember. x

  7. Dear Gaye
    I am saddened for your loss. The image of Moses awaiting Remus is a delightful one. Two entirely different personalities to you and yet to each other they were "the world" This is a beautiful short story should you ever decide to publish. Thinking of you in prayer.

    Helen xx

  8. I know how badly you hurt. These "little people" are always a part of us, even when they are gone. I still miss our Smokey and how she was such a part of our daily life.

  9. Such a beautiful cat, and so beautifully expressed. Please accept my condolences for your loss. Dog-cats are very special.

  10. Oh Gaye, how sad. I don't even know what to say and I have two dogs and a cat who adopted us last summer. We as a family have been through so many of these partings and it never gets easy. I'll never forget my 38 year old son crying on the phone after his dog died. He said, Mom, when he died, his soul passed through mine.

    I hope time will ease your pain but we never really forget them, they are such a big part of our lives. xxoo J

  11. Gaye, I am so sorry for your loss. Clearly they were a special team and brought you much joy.
    My deepest condolences.

  12. I wept when I read this and share your grief. You have written so beautifully in this tribute to your dear furry friends. Please accept my deepest sympathy.

  13. Gaye, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing how much joy they brought you. xo, N.G.

  14. Dear Gaye You are in my thoughts and prayers. It is a huge loss when our little friends leave this earth, do many things to being you comfort during this time...
    The Arts by Karena

  15. Dear Gaye,

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss — Remus sounds like the perfect cat.

    I also wanted to convey how wise and humane you were to have brought Remus with you when it was Moses' time to go. So many pet owners don't realize that pets are confused and bound to go through extra gief when their companions simply disappear.

  16. I am heartbroken Gaye. I always wonder how others deal with losing their pets, hoping that I can glean something that might make it easier for me. I see that it is universal and nothing but time really helps.

  17. If you can comprehend this, in this exemplary way, I know you can comprehend condolence without its even being expressed. This is very fine.

  18. I have recently been following your blog. Today I grieve and shed tears when reading about the loss of both Remus and Moses. Your words were so well written I feel like I knew your pets. As others above have shared, I, too, have been through your pain, but know as you have written, that my loved pets (a dog and a cat) knew that their love for me included the knowledge that I was there in the end to make their transition easier. Those final moments have not left my memory and probably will never leave. My heart goes out to you.

    Mary in Oregon

  19. Gaye, my sympathies. Such a lovely posting. You must be so sad. The loss of a long time and beloved pet is a difficult thing to cope with no matter past experience. So nice you were there to make their transitions loving and compassionate. A new soul will surely enter your life soon.

  20. I'm so sorry. Impossible to say anything sensible. They own our hearts and we can't bear to see them leave.

  21. Can not thank you all enough for these thoughtful condolences. Remus is resting a little then no doubt bouncing along behind Moses-as always, and where he should be. Their ashes are in matching large and small mahogany boxes, Moses by my bedside, and Remus-just a little away under a bright lamp that stays on all day-he loved that spot. Gaye

  22. Thinking of you! I lost my darling Misty two years ago today! I still miss her terribly. I have a new girl now and it took me a year to really appreciate her for herself! I think I was grieving for quite a while!



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