18 March 2014

on flowers & Bunny Mellon

 “This towering forest of scent and white flowers was the beginning of ceaseless interest, passion and pleasure in gardens and books, Like a magic carpet it has carried me through life’s experiences, discoveries, joys and sorrows. In sadness especially, it has been a hiding-place until my heart mended.” Bunny Mellon on her first memories of flowers & of the meaning of gardens

Much will be said of Bunny Mellon in the coming weeks-months-years. A life of great privilege and wealth-what meant most to her is something that is within reach of us all.

portrait of Bunny Mellon by Mati Klarwein

“Our family house in Princeton [N.J.] was surrounded by open fields that led me into the pleasure of discovery, as a child, wild flowers were part of my feeling of freedom.” Bunny Mellon

Requiscat en Pace

Rachel "Bunny" Mellon
August 9, 1910- March 17, 2014

for more about her extraordinary life go to The Washington Post here

(photograph from here)


  1. Dear Mrs. Mellon,
    Perhaps unknown beyond the borders of your being, we THANK YOU for the time spent giving us Beauty in Art, Gardens and showing Elegance in Privacy, a lesson only those who wander the Floral pathways strewn with Innocent Johnny Jump-Ups, Carnations, Cornflowers and even the lowly weed..love your Trilogy of books!

    1. as always perfectly said, the WPo write up was supreme. PGT

  2. May she rest in peace. A true aesthete, in the very best sense of the word. Her contribution to the world of horticulture (along with her astonishing generosity to museums and other cultural institutions) is inestimable. Reggie

    1. Reggie Darling- well said. I can not think anything more lovely and consoling than a kind word-and a flower. pgt

  3. Gaye have you considered writing a book on her amazing life, you would do it great justice!?
    The Arts by Karena

    1. Karena, how wonderful for you to say-she is in my thoughts-as are so many other women who made an impact on my design aesthetic-and those of many others. pgt

  4. What a fantastic portrait. I am speechless. So unlike most of her kind.



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