24 May 2014

Glory Hallelujah

For the brave, the frightened-that gave their Lives at their country's persuasion to serve-for freedom from tyranny, for a way of life, for more perfect Union, for the military industrial complex, for profit, for Oil, for Man's Hubris.

For the Men and Women who served with honor and dedication through it all, we remember.

Fay Hancock, RN., North Carolina, US Army Nurse Corps. 
Louise Dahl Wolfe, Harper's Bazaar November 1943.



  1. Well said Gaye. If only we had a post menopausal woman leading our services and country.

  2. Thank you for remembering why this is a 'holiday'.

  3. Yes! Thank you. We need to remember all those who have served this amazing nation and sacrificed for us.

  4. Oh, you know me: our excuses only shape a coarser vision. With you I meditate on the horrid cost of healthy hearts, and on their Day, prize and even share the love they gave away. Best wishes, best hopes.

  5. I join you in these sentiments. Thank you, Gaye. Leslie in Oregon



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