27 May 2014

Portrait of a Young Girl i


As mentioned before, Petrus Christus' Portrait of a Young Girl. (c. 1470), is one of my favorite portraits, & like other great portraits she takes much abuse by would be artists, and commercialism. I'll not add to her debauchery by including any of them here.
She is-perfection, and gratefully there are some perfect homages to her.

I've always felt Picasso-whose paintings of Velasquez's Las Meninas (there are 57) was a true acolyte of the master- in praise of  that painting-a deconstruction of its complexity.

As to a Christus redux-there is no such Picasso- but here- in his 1954 portrait of Sylvette Davis, he's playing with her. The shape of the truncated hennin worn by our Young Girl emphasizes Sylvette's beautiful face and hair & her sloe-eyes seen to imitate Christus's sitter.

In accord with Picasso & his "menina" complex-another celebrated Spaniard Manolo Valdes paints the maids over-and over. Not only Velasquez-but as it turns out Petrus Christus' Young Girl...has been a subject for Valdes. It's no surprise then that Valdes gives our Young Girl all the reverence found in his las meninas

Here She is in the June issue of AD, residing over a Steven Gambrel designed Long Island family room.

at AD here

His Menina residing in the late decorator Henri Samuel's office.

There is more Christus Petrus and the Young Girl to come-later in the week.


  1. Watch this video, share it with as many people as you can. this changed how I perceived gender issues.

  2. Oh, I just loved this post, Gaye.



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