19 June 2014

just one of the guys

JENNY LEWIS in her “magical rainbow suit"

 Photographer Autumn De Wilde, stylist Shirley Kurata, and art director Adam Siegel, created singer Jenny Lewis' “graffiti Gram Parsons”suit for the cover of her upcoming album-The Voyager. The suit is homage to Parson's Nudie Cohn suit. Nudie was Rodeo tailor extraordinaire.

Gram Parsons may have just been on the cusp of rock fame-rather in 1973 with his death from an overdose at age 26-Parsons became rock legend. His music as a solo artist, band member of The Byrds, and the Flying Burrito Brothers has been influential  in fusing rock and country music since his death over 50 years ago. His sartorial choices make him a fashion legend as well.

Parsons wearing his "Nudie" suit above, and below with Nudie Cohn

JENNY LEWIS - just one of the guys

Lewis'  white air brushed suit-alas can't be dry-cleaned, so she's hoping to have the work of art screen printed onto a suit for her tour. She wants Adidas to collaborate with her on a special edition of the suit-as track suit- “I think people would rock that, I think Olympians would rock that.”
I think she's right. Her stylings as songbird and fashion peacock are rock steady.

 I'm pre-ordering her disc.

(Eric Drucker wrote this story for Vogue here)


  1. Never heard of Jenny, but I think Nudie is still alive.

    1. Donna, I like her tunes, and I guess Nudie is still stitching? pgt

  2. Never underestimate the hipness of the grown-up Southern lady.

    1. oh, please don't. I do try, actually I grew up listening to GP, and his mixed up sound, which I still love. my oldest brother by 6 years had a profound influence on my 10 yrs of classical piano ear! it is a real mash up in there. pgt



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