21 June 2014

Madeleine Castaing, and Emily returns

I am so happy friend and fellow blogging wonder Emily Eerdmans is back! Blogging that is-
Little does she need the exercise in wordsmithing. Her books-5 of them: Classic English Design and Antiques, Regency Redux, The World of Madeleine Castaing, Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration-with the "Prince" himself, and her newest, Wendell Castle: A Catalogue Raisonné-to be released in July-give her all the workout she needs.
But, I'll not question it-I'll just enjoy it.

 read Emily's latest posting here.

 Her Castaing book-the definitive one on the grande dame-and the first-is my favorite. It's spellbinding. Castaing is such a giving subject-and cause for my own (as always) whimsical meanderings.
This weekend, it just happens to be the lady's summer wardrobe for her country house Lèves.

find Emily's books here


  1. Oh how brilliant! Yowzers!!

    How I adore EEE; I swear the three of us are "soul sisters"!!

    Love those black and white outfits......I actually got chills.....I just received my new outfits......zebra! Yikes! pictures to come!



  2. Gaye I am so thrilled to see Emily appear in our world once again. I adore her book on Castaing, it is one of my favorites and I was fortunate to meet Emily at her book signing here in Kansas City.

    The Arts by Karena



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