26 August 2014

a Princess & her Mother

"Tradition is the transmission of fire and not the worshiping of ashes." Mahler 
 (quoted from Caroline of Hanover in discussing the Pringle exhibition of her mother's wardrobe.)

Pringle's 2013  fashion collection coincided with their own exhibition, Princess Grace: More Than An Image. It showcased designs by Central Saint Martins BA fashion students from the archives of Princess Grace, a devotee  of Pringle. The exhibition resulted in a capsule collection of sweaters created by the students under the supervision of the now deceased, and legendary professor, Louise Wilson.  The Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, patronized by Princess Caroline, was also part of this inspired collaboration.

a fifteen year old Caroline, & Grace
It is apparent from the countless photographs of the two together they were very close.

Testament to the inimitable style of her mother, and longevity of a classic design, Caroline met the students wearing her mother’s grey and black cashmere dress from 1962, still a perfect fit.
“I’ve had these things for years, and I’ve worn them since I was 20. If they’re made properly they’re indestructible.” (Another)

Grace's Sweaters photographed by Francois Goize

In case you missed it: there are short films featuring Princess Caroline speaking about the collection, and an intriguing, in-depth interview at ANOTHER with Caroline. Both are well worth the time.

 at Another, the Interview with Princess Caroline here

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