22 August 2014

a tale of 2 closets

 Sarah Harris, at left, and Bay Garnett at far right with the champagne glass
photographs from British Vogue

As well as being of fashion interest, this video of Sarah Harris and Bay Garnett, both editors at British Vogue, is clever and amusing. The women both has enviable wardrobes and though their approaches differ in the extreme, each "turns out" beautifully. Hannah Berryman, Conde Nast's new creative director of film, made the video for Vogue.

read the notes British Vogue here


  1. Delightful. Two diverse styles but both so definite in their choices.
    I cannot decide which I like best. Have you a preference?

    1. yes, yet in the photographs they both go off their philosophies a bit. that is what makes them great editors no doubt. I see great merit in both. Right now I am editing what I wear and going back to a more classic style, don't ask why? I couldn't answer it myself! pgt

  2. The photos v different to what they present in the video ,, Id be surprised if a US fashion editor presented their clothes like those two and an Australian one come to that, so unapologetic and secure in their choices.

    I love the colour of Sarah's hair but was not a fan of some of her shoes

  3. Hi, Wow. Sometimes one little idea is worth the price of admission, you know? Love the idea of a wardrobe that feels like a jewelry box. Hmmm... ideas :) xo, N.



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