05 July 2016

little or nothing

it's a lean summer on the pages of little augury. after much ado-I am in the final stages of THE book. Yes Virginia, there really is a book.
things crawl, and then they fly (time is flying) !

there are occasional looks into something other than How They Decorated, but at a minimum.
brief glimpses of the other side of things.

this did catch my eye. this fabric, so pretty, it was once in Clarence House's fabric line and made some of the prettiest chairs, (and no I don't have a picture). Now it's a suit, a dress from Schiaparelli Couture Fall 2016. Either way it's heavenly.

these irresistible imperiously large photographs are from Vogue, here


  1. Hi Gaye!!! I love this fabric...70's? Can't wait to read THE BOOK. Congratulations. xoxo Mary

  2. Gorgeous. I am excited about the book too. If you are like me, I would still be editing in the margins of the published book.

  3. Bring a signing party to Monticello. Without Jefferson, would we have France . . :)

  4. Can't wait to see the book!



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