05 June 2017

You can go home again.

What a great surprise to see a great big How They Decorated in the window at the hometown shop that organized the most lovely book signing for me. 
Couldn't have been more tickled than had it been the windows of Bergdorf Goodman! 

Friends, one from first grade, insisted on a to-do and it was just terrific. All books were Sold and Signed and more ordered. The shop, Selections, will keep some in stock this summer.

My parents courted and married in this little place as did my grandparents. 
Yes- it's a small Southern town - one of the northernmost, resting along the Virginia border. Its claim to fame is Snow which falls more often here than any other place in the Triangle area and beyond. 

There is goodness and kindness. This is where I grew up. It shaped me with those things, and it gave me a little library to immerse myself in during the summer months. 
It's where I decided to write. 
To think. To grow- one never stops. 
Simply put, I have simple needs.There is no grandeur, no hustling on the street, no city sounds, just the night with its crickets and an occasional braying dog. 
It's where I learned to love, to hurt, to heal. 

Yes, Thomas Wolfe you can go home again. 
It will be different. 
It will be the same, but you will be changed by it and because of it.

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