22 May 2009

Sophie's Choice, et al

more Sophie:

Sophie's Mom's Choice: from the Times Online- Forward thinking: New Best Friends- Wise Dog Cushion,"Homeware 2009: Interior Must Haves"

the bed that Sophie is not sleeping on

Sophie and Master (courtesy of Missy McLamb photographers)

on the subject of WALLPAPER

The perfect rooms for papering are rooms with quirky angles & sloped ceilings. These rooms are featured in the latest Elle Decor issue June 2008 Summer Chic! Issue. In the home of Veronica and Jamie Beard, Veronica's aunt and cousin did the decorating- (Chiqui and Nena Woolworth); all three dedicated to the Palm Beach style.

China Seas Wallpaper, reverse of- fabric on the headboard

photograph by Simon Upton

Guest Room Quadrille Paper

photograph by Simon Upton

Wallpaper is making a comeback- that is- IF it was ever abandoned. My young clients still love it in bathrooms and powder rooms and I do too.

My thought has always been- Nothing is better that great paper-Nothing worse than bad paper. It seems a simple concept- Papers can enhance any room really. Best bets are the bath and bedroom, though scenics are stunning in a dining room or foyer. Small foyers and entryways can be perfect places for larger patterns- making an impact and setting up the personality of the home.

Perhaps one reason for the decline in paper is the open planning in houses today. Where do you stop a paper where the Kitchen, Family Room, Breakfast Room are one roaming space? Answer- You don't, So the effects of Paper can be overwhelming in this case. Its not for everyone or every room- Another reason for its demise. its OVERKILL. A house full of wallpaper can be suffocating-even the best of the best- Going from room to room without recitatives is jarring.

Be on the lookout for additional posts and wallpapers I have selected for my clients. There are some wonderful papers you can peruse online- Cole and Son, Mulberry, and G P J Baker.
Osborne and Little and Quardrille.

interesting posts about paper by little augury: (click here) PB in the WH , & here Pardon Me, but Are you wearing my wallpaper?
and by A Bloomsbury Life (click here)

and loving FROMENTAL, more about them on another post.

Ikat Patchwork-FADING AWAY
: an Ebay purchase 2007, that just went out in today's sun for a good fade before using it this summer. Most likely heading to my bedroom. Christmas of 2007 - I used yards of an Ikat fabric to make a bow for my front door wreath- it looked perfect and in about 2 weeks of Southern December sunshine it had faded- and nicely so.

Hurry sunshine. Right now the patchwork is quite bright, hopefully FADING will photograph well.


  1. Dear- Can't wait to see the results of that fading- it's pretty as it is. M

  2. I am loving the papers and love using them as well.

  3. What's the degree of difficulty invovled in actually wallpappering? Is it becoming one of those lost arts?

  4. Pook- I think a wonderful paper hanger is a friend indeed. Preparation is one key and skill with trimming many of the European papers another. I have used the same paper hanger for almost 20 years. After one try at prepping a spot of wall- I turned to the experts- however some novices are perfecting as well- As You well know.I hope there will always be good paper and good hangers to do the job. Thanks for the comment- G

  5. It will be interesting to see the patchwork when it fades. It is rather pretty as it is. Keep me posted.



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